Civil War Times (Illustrated)

Civil War Times

Magazine Name: Civil War Times (Illustrated)

Publisher:Weider History Group

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Description (from the web site): Biographies, battles, eyewitness accounts & period photos of America’s greatest internal conflict. Civil War Times delivers the thrilling, extraordinary history of America’s most deadly internal struggle, from biographies to battle stories, eyewitness accounts to period photographs, plus travel guides, perceptive book reviews and more.

Note: This is an ongoing project. All of the issues listed below have been completed. If you would like to help to complete this project, even if it is only one issue of one magazine, please use the Contact Us form in the menu at the top of this screen.

Civil War Times Back Issues


6 responses to “Civil War Times (Illustrated)”

  1. Val L. McGee Avatar

    About 1985 I bought volumes 1 through 20 of Civil War Times. These twenty volues were all published at that time. I have never found an index to vols. 1-20 of CWT. Can you helpme get an index for these volumes?

  2. James Chapman Avatar
    James Chapman

    I have copies of Civilwar Times for the years 1971-1981 that I would like to someone who has enjoyed the magazine as musch as I have. They are all in excellent condition having spent most of the time on a shelf in the library.

    Please let me know if you know of anyone interested.

    Thanks, James Chapman

  3. Linda Gibson Avatar
    Linda Gibson

    Dear Mr. Chapman,
    I would very much like to have the copies you have of the Civil War Times. My relatives were a part of the Civil War and that time period has always interested me a great deal.
    Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future!
    Linda Gibson

  4. A.B. Garland Avatar
    A.B. Garland

    The Dyer Library in Saco, Maine has been given 48 issues of Civil WarTimes (1962-1998), 18 issues of America’s Civil War (1988-1993; Vols. X,XI and XII of Civil War Quarterly; Gettysburg Compiler, 125th Commemorative Edition, and Great Battles of the Civil War by the Editors of Life magazine. The items are to be sold as a lot, with proceeds to benefit the Dyer Library. Complete list available to be emailed.

  5. j k naugle Avatar

    i am looking for articles on john c delaney @ dabney’s mills 2-6-1865

  6. John R Pittman Avatar
    John R Pittman

    I have copies of Civil War Times Illustrated from October 1979 through June 1981 plus august 1981. I will sell all for $2.00 each (19 issues) plus shipping .

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