Number 7 (November 1962)

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The Last Duel in the Confederacy by Ashley Halsey, Jr.
More than a dozen Confederate officers are known to have been involved in duels or informal shooting frays over “honor” during the Civil War. Those killed or wounded in such clashes included three generals, a colonel, and a major. Author Samuel Protor believes the last Confederate duel of the war took place on March 19, 1865 between two members of Halsey’s horse artillery battery, Thomas R. Chew and Marx E. Cohen, Jr.

Page 11
David McMurtrie Gregg–A Profile by Russell F. Weigley
This capable officer was not as ruthless as Sheridan or as dashing as Stuart, but his calmness in battle made him one of the Union’s most dependable horsemen.

Page 14
Lesser-Known Action–Sabine Crossroads by Jack D. L. Holmes
Shreveport was a major target for Banks’ Red River expedition of 1864. The Federals might have made it if they hadn’t detoured via Mansfield, Louisiana, and avoided the Battle of Sabine Crossroads.

Page 20
A Century Ago This Month by Robert D. Hoffsommer
November 1862: McClellan replaced by Burnside, Grant receives command of Department of the Tennessee, Pemberton appointed to command Department of Mississippi, Tennessee, and East Louisiana, Burnside reorganizes Army of the Potomac into Grand Divisions

Page 22
The Guns of the Keokuk by Ursula and James F. Harding
Federal officers considered the cannon aboard the sunken ironclad beyond recovery. Confederate authorities took a different view.

Page 32
Letters & Diaries: Thomas Scott Allen by Elden E. Billings
Thomas Scott Allen
2nd Wisconsin Infantry
5th Wisconsin Infantry
Iron Brigade
Brawner’s Farm

Page 34
Weapons & Equipment: The Federal “Rocket Battalion” by Dr. Francis A. Lord
The hopes of the Federal “Rocket Battalion” soared until their balky weapons let them down.

Page 38
Famous Fighting Unit: Dilger’s Battery (Battery I, 1st Ohio Light Artillery) by Henry I. Kurtz
Was Dilger’s Battery (‘those damned Dutchmen from Ohio’) the best artillery unit in the Federal Army? Here’s it s record.

Page 42
The Other Gettysburg Address by Robert H. Fowler
It lacked the poetry and brevity of Lincoln’s talk but Edward Everett’s oration was not just hot air.

Page 46
Confederate Salt Works in Florida by Samuel Proctor
Saltmaking along Florida’s Gulf Coast was a profitable but vulnerabe Civil War business.

Page 49
Book Reviews
1. Halleck: Lincoln’s Chief of Staff by Stephen E. Ambrose


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