Number 6 (August 2007)

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Civil War Times, Volume 46, Number 6 (August 2007)
Civil War Times, Volume 46, Number 6 (August 2007)


The ‘Great Rebel Raid’…..22

by Marc Leepson

Jubal Early nearly derailed the Union war effort with his daring run through Virginia and Maryland in July 1864, but his hesitation at the outskirts of Washington-and some timely Federal reinforcements-kept the capital secure.

Sherman’s First March Through Georgia…..30

by Russell S. Bonds

The legendary success of the Union army’s Atlanta campaign in 1864 depended greatly on the keen eye and attention to detail of William Tecumseh Sherman when he explored ‘Barbarous Georgia’ as a young Army officer 20 years earlier.

West Point’s Other Training Ground…..38

by Gerard A. Patterson

Future Civil War generals who made their way through the U.S. Military Academy in its early days got an extra education from lovable tavernkeeper Benny Havens.

The Civil War’s Last Frontier…..44

by Andrew E. Masich

Arizona’s often-overlooked Battle of Picacho Pass helped prevent Confederate domination of the Pacific Southwest in 1862 and kept a lot of California gold out of Richmond’s coffers..

Beauvoir Weathers the Storm…..52

by Donald L. Barnhart Jr.

Hurricane Katrina almost destroyed the grand old mansion where Jefferson Davis spent his final years, but the battered Gulf Coast icon is proving to be every bit as resilient as its former master.


Mail Call…..4

Civil War Today…..7

by Linda Wheeler


by Steven L. Johnson

Irwin D. Johnson: Caught in the Chaos of West Virginia.

Turning Points…..19

by Jeffry D. Wert

War’s Flawed Prisoner Exchange Program.

Letter From Civil War Times…..21

The What-Ifs of What-If History.


1.      War’s Relentless Hand: Twelve Tales of Civil War Soldiers by Mark H. Dunkelman

2.      The Spirit Divided: Memoirs of Civil War Chaplains, The Union edited by Benedict R. Maryniak and John Wesley Brinsfield, Jr.

3.      African American Soldier in the Civil War: USCT 1862-66 by Mark Lardas

4.      A History of Ironclads by John V. Quarstein


1.      Return to Bull Run: The Campaign and Battle of Second Manassas by John J. Hennessy

Frozen Moment…..74

A Little Spit-and-Polish on the Frontier.


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