Number 4 (August 2008)

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Civil War Times, Volume 47, Number 4 (August 2008)
Civil War Times, Volume 47, Number 4 (August 2008)

74 Pages

Cover Story

Feeling the Past at Gettysburg…..26

by Glenn W. LaFantasie

A trek to Little Round Top brings new perspective to the legendary struggle between the 15th Alabama and the 20th Maine.


Jefferson Davis and the Politics of Command…..34

by William J. Cooper Jr.

Convinced he was leading a holy mission, the South’s leader undercut its chances for success.

The Rebels Come Calling…..40

A folk artist’s watercolors chronicle the 1863 day when a Pennsylvania town played host to Jubal Early.

Worn Out, Hungry and Broke…..44

by Peter S. Carmichael

The letters of two North Carolinians chronicle a “low-water mark” in Southern morale just after Gettysburg.

The Generals Speak: Should We Listen?…..50

by David J. Eicher

A reader’s guide to the 10 best memoirs by Confederate generals.


Mail Call…..9

Civil War Today…..14

Edited by Linda Wheeler

Beauvoir reopens-with gators in attendance; good and gloomy museum reviews; Lightning Brigade letters.


by Peter S. Carmichael

Chandra Manning explains that troops regarded slavery as central to the conflict from its outset.

Field Guide…..22

Vicksburg: Southern Gibraltar.

Letter From Civil War Times…..25

Who Done It?


1.      General Lee’s Army: From Victory to Collapse by Joseph T. Glatthaar

2.      The Irish General: Thomas Francis Meagher by Paul R. Wylie

3.      Intensely Human: The Health of the Black Soldier in the Civil War by Margaret Humphreys

4.      With the Old Confeds by Samuel D. Buck

5.      Wolf of the Deep by Stephen Fox

6.      The Seventh Rhode Island Infantry in the Civil War by Robert Grandchamp

7.      George Thomas: Virginian for the Union (Campaigns and Commanders Series, Vol. 13) by Christopher J. Einolf

8.      Alvarez Kelly (DVD) directed by Edward Dmytryk


1.      Hardtack & Coffee: The Unwritten Story of Army Life by John D. Billings


1.      The Hidden History of Decatur House


Take a phone tour of Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C.

Rank & File…..74

A Yankee trooper models his weapons.


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