Number 5 (July 2007)

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Civil War Times, Volume 46, Number 5 (July 2007)
Civil War Times, Volume 46, Number 5 (July 2007)


Gettysburg Then and Now: A Civil War Times Interview…..20

by Peter S. Carmichael

Gary W. Gallagher offers an illuminating look at the battle’s powerful place in the American consciousness, how it got there and why it has remained.

Work in Progress…..28

by Margaret Morton

How do you restore the endangered Gettysburg Cyclorama painting-all three tons and the 14,600 square feet of it?  Very carefully.

Fighting and Dying for the Colors at Gettysburg…..36

by Michael Dreese

Beyond their practical value on the Civil War battlefields, regimental flags and other banners embodied the pride, honor and bravery of soldiers who gave their lives to defend them.

Toiling in the Shadows: The Grant-Meade Relationship…..44

by Jeffry D. Wert

In the spring of 1864, the destiny of a cautious general changed when a new commander with a new philosophy came East and transformed the course of the war.

First View of Manassas…..50

Edited by Joseph Pierro

A Virginia cavalryman’s evocative letter to his wife served as the initial portal for thousands of Southerners into the war’s first major battle.


Mail Call…..4

Civil War Today…..7

by Linda Wheeler

Dispatches From the Field: Key Sites at Risk.

In Their Footsteps…..14

by Jay Wertz

Gettysburg Retreat: Cavalry in the Spotlight.


Submitted by Ronald L. Dickerson

Henry D. Rice: Roses From a Fallen Son at Petersburg.

Letter From Civil War Times…..19

What Is It About Gettysburg?

My War…..59

by Susannah Ural Bruce

Lee’s Resilient Longhorns at Little Round Top.


1.      What This Cruel War Was Over: Soldiers, Slavery, and the Civil War by Chandra Manning

2.      From Home Guards to Heroes: The 87th Pennsylvania and Its Civil War Community by Dennis W. Brandt

3.      Slavery, Resistance, Freedom edited by Gabor Boritt and Scott Hancock

4.      Jeff Shaara’s Civil War Battlefields: Discovering America’s Hallowed Ground by Jeff Shaara


1.      Gettysburg: A Journey in Time by William A. Frassanito

Frozen Moment…..74

‘Smiling Faces and Happy Hearts’.


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