Number 9 (November/December 2007)

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Civil War Times, Volume 46, Number 9 (November/December 2007)
Civil War Times, Volume 46, Number 9 (November/December 2007)


Against All Odds…..22

by Jason Phillips

Diehard Rebels refused to accept defeat, finding strength in God, rumor and their own version of reality.

Singer’s Secret Service Corps…..30

by Mark K. Ragan

A group of Texas friends led by Edgar Singer raised havoc with their torpedoes and elped finance CSS Hunley.

They Met at Gettysburg…..36

by Tom Huntington

Old soldiers don’t fade away-they return to the battlefield where they fought long ago.

President Garfield’s Proving Ground…..42

by Gordon Berg

In a forlorn Kentucky valley, greenhorn Colonel James A. Garfield aggressively tracked his enemy.

Sculpting the Cause…..48

by Marc Leepson

Fighting for VMI and the Confederacy forever changed Moses Ezekiel’s life, and his artwork celebrated and honored that experience.

Why We Need Our Slaves…..52

by Charles P. Roland

A letter from a Southerner to his free-state friend.


Mail Call…..4

Civil War Today…..9

by Linda Wheeler

Turning Points…..18

by Jeffry D. Wert

Spring Hill: A Confederate Might Have Been.

Letter From Civil War Times…..21

One War, Many Memories.


1.      The Age of Lincoln by Orville Vernon Burton

2.      Like Grass Before the Scythe: The Life and Death of Sgt. William Rummel, 121st New York Infantry edited by Robert Patrick Bender

DVD Review

1.      Bad Blood: The Border War That Triggered the Civil War, a co-production of Wide Awake Films and KCPT Kansas City Public Television


1.      Detailed Minutiae of Soldier Life in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865 by Carlton McCarthy


Main Street, Disunited States of America.


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