Number 10 (January 2008)

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Civil War Times, Volume 46, Number 10 (January 2008)
Civil War Times, Volume 46, Number 10 (January 2008)

74 Pages

Cover Story

Why Lew Was Late…..30

by Timothy B. Smith

Union General Lew Wallace tried to convince anyone who would listen that he knew where he was and what he was doing at Shiloh in April 1862.


‘He is Dead, Yet He Liveth’…..38

by Tom E. Sanders

John J. Carson’s memoir of the night his ambulance conveyed “Stonewall” Jackson to Guiney’s Station..

The First Black Battlefield Reporter…..40

by Gerald S. Henig

Modern-day embedded reporters have little on Thomas Morris Chester.

Winter Quarters…..46

A portfolio of the temporary shelters Union troops called home away from home.

How the Confederacy Fought Itself…..52

by David J. Eicher

Jefferson Davis spent as much time fending off political attacks as he did Northern armies.


Mail Call…..9

Where was the worst prison camp?

Civil War Today…..11

Edited by Linda Wheeler

Gettysburg, three new museums and a quiz.


by Peter S. Carmichael

A. Wilson Greene discusses wartime Petersburg.


by Jay Wertz

Travel to Atlanta.


Submitted by Sandra McWilliams Stephens

William T. McWilliams and Andrew Carrell McWilliamsRebel brothers-in-arms.

Letter From Civil War Times…..29

Several Theories, Same Result.


1.      Sherman’s Forgotten General-Henry W. Slocum by Brian C. Melton

2.      Ironclads at War: The Monitor vs. The Merrimac by Dan Abnett

3.      Deadly Inferno: Battle of the Wilderness by Dan Abnett

Reviews in Brief

1.      Stonewall Jackson: A Biography by Donald A. Davis

2. Intimate Strategies of the Civil War: Military Commanders and Their Wives edited by Carol K. Bleser and Lesley J. Gordon

Museum Review

1.      Port Columbus National Civil War Naval Museum


1.      Meade’s Headquarters, 1863-1865 edited by George R. Agassiz


Poker Faces.


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