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This site has been constructed with the Scenario Designer in mind. I am trying to compile as many orders of battle (OOBs) of American Civil War battles as possible, including regimental level strengths where possible and hopefully at least providing brigade level strengths. I have asked permission from the publisher for each order of battle reproduced below. If you think you have found a possible mistake, please let us know using the “Contact Us” link at the top of this page.




NOTE: If anyone reading this knows of other OOBs with regimental strengths listed and would like to help by copying these into an Excel spreadsheet in the format seen in the OOBs below, I would be willing to contact the publisher and make sure it is okay to display them. If anyone does help, they would be given full credit and their name would be prominently displayed on whatever OOBs they did.


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  1. […] by the publisher’s of each book and has been posted with written permission. Go check out the new Regimental Level OOBs (Orders of Battle) page […]

  2. Fred Ray Avatar

    Just a short note on Rodes’ division. It started the overland campaign with 5 brigades, however, Johnston’s brigade was transferred over to Gordon’s new division after Spotsylvania. Junius Daniel was mortally wounded on May 12 and Bryan Grimes (4th NC) took his place, henceforth it was Grimes’ brigade. Dodson Ramseur was promoted in mid-May, his place taken by William Cox. After Spotsylvania the consolidated remnants of the 1st and 3rd NC were transferred to Ramseur’s-Cox’s brigade. George Doles was killed at Cold Harbor and Philip Cook took over.

  3. Ryan Avatar

    Is there an explanation of what each column means in the OOB spreadsheets?

  4. admin Avatar


    I really should get some sort of explanation up here. In the interim, which OOB caused you to ask this question? I can answer you here or via email.


  5. admin Avatar

    NOTE: Ryan wanted to know about the Seven Days OOBs. Here is my response on the columns and what they mean:


    The first column consists of the correct Present for Duty strengths which I got from a Masters Thesis from (I think)m George Mason University. The D column consists of the same numbers. Column E has estimates for troop strengths I had found in various books, but was made obsolete after I found the true numbers in column B. The letters in Column B tell you what type of weapon each regiment carried. R is for a Springfield Rifle, E is for Enfield, SB is for a smoothbore musket, AR is for Austrian Rifle. The dates are the months each regiment mustered in. I hope this helps!


  6. Dan Beattie Avatar
    Dan Beattie

    You are welcome to use the OB’s I put together for my Brandy Station, First Step Towards Gettysburg.
    (Osprey Campaign Series 201, pub. in 2008).
    Nobody has put together better ones for that fight, and I don’t think they can be made more accurate or complete.

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