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This page allows you to browse through all Civil War book reviews which have been published at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog.  Many of the books reviewed here are also listed in Brett’s Civil War books collection.  Although most of the Civil War book reviews here were written by TOCWOC founder Brett Schulte, quite a few have been written by other TOCWOC contributors as well.  Most of these Civil War book reviews contain a link to and a link back to the Civil War book’s page at the publisher.


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  1. Mr. Fisher Avatar

    “Jack Hinson`s One Man War, A Civil War Sniper” by Tom Mckinney-Any book reviews on this new book?Product description fromAmazon is so outlandish that this seems like pure fiction. Amazon says that this is an”unprecidented and incredible biography”.

    1. admin Avatar

      Mr. Fisher,

      I don’t have any more info than you at this point.


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