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Civil War Times, Volume 48, Number 1 (February 2009)
Civil War Times, Volume 48, Number 1 (February 2009)

74 Pages

Cover Story

Robert E. Lee and Slavery…..30

by Elizabeth Brown Pryor

Myths and suppositions abound on the great general’s view of slavery.  But any doubt about how ‘Marse Robert’ regarded the Peculiar Institution can be erased by examining his own words.


Mary Todd’s Rebellious Relatives…..40

Abraham Lincoln married into a family that included a whole lot of Rebels.

‘Fighting Dick’ and His Fighting Men…..42

by George Skoch

From the Wilderness to Appomattox with General Richard Anderson and his troops.

Rebels in the Limelight…..48

by Keith Miller

The brilliant beam of a Union calcium light turned night into day at Charleston’s Battery Wagner.

President Lincoln’s Patent Model…..56

by Jason Emerson

Abe’s proposed device for rescuing steamboats sheds new light on his technological bent.


Mail Call…..11

Civil War Today…..14

Edited by Linda Wheeler

The deadly geology of “killing grounds”; Richmond, Ky.’s new museum; Lincoln wanted a duel with “cavalry broadswords”.

Gary W. Gallagher’s Blue & Gray…..21

For most new visitors, new Gettysburg exhibits will be their only chance to learn about the war.

Field Guide…..24

New Bern, N.C.: Battlefield and Barbeque.


by Peter S. Carmichael

Joseph Glatthaar follows Lee’s army through thick and thin.

Letter From Civil War Times…..29

150 Years Is Almost Here.


1.      Tried By War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief by James McPherson

2.      More Than a Contest Between Armies: Essays on the Civil War Era edited by James Marten and A. Kristen Foster

3.      The 28th North Carolina Infantry: A Civil War History and Roster by Francis H. Casstevens

4.      August Valentine Kautz, USA: Biography of a Civil War General by Lawrence G. Kautz

5.      Friendly Persusasion (DVD) directed by William Wyler


1.      Lee Considered: General Robert E. Lee and Civil War History by Alan Nolan


1.      Hey, History Isn’t Boring Anymore! by Kelly Ann Butterbaugh


Where to find primary sources on Lee and slavery.

Looking at Lincoln…..74

by Harold Holzer

His favorite photo.


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