Number 1 (April 1962)

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Page 5
Longstreet: Culprit or Scapegoat? by Glenn Tucker
Did Lee order Longstreet to attack at dawn on July 2 at Gettysburg? Did Longstreet drag his feet because he disapproved? Was Longstreet’s idea for a defensive battle in Pennsylvania good military judgment? Was he justified in arguing for it with Lee? Was a flanking movement to the right feasible? What is Longstreet’s proper rating among the Confederate generals? One of the most outstanding modern students of the Civil War answers these long-debated questions with often-overlooked facts and in so doing defends Longstreet against decades of innuendo and abuse.

Page 8
South Carolina Prepared for War in 1851 by Ashley Halsey Jr.
Ten years before the attack on Fort Sumter, South Carolina authorities began stockpiling heavy artillery, including a quantity of 10-inch mortars better suited for battering forts than for coastal defense. Citing recently found documents, a distinguished editor and Civil War authority tells how.

Page 14
A Century Ago
April 1862: Shiloh, Island No. 10, Yorktown, New Orleans, Ft. Pulaski

Page 16
Letters & Diaries: George W. Buhrer by E. E. Billings
Sergeant George W. Buhrer
Company E, 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry

Page 19
Famous Fighting Units: The Crazy Delawares by Emerson Wilson
2nd Delaware Infantry Regiment
Colonel William P. Bailey
Lt. Col. David L. Stricker

Page 23
To Capture a Great Historic Moment by Frederic Ray
That was Francis B. Carpenter’s motive in painting his “The Emancipation Proclamation.” His method was to combine allegory with painstaking accuracy.

Page 25
How to Estimate A Unit’s Frontage by W. S. Nye
Nye discusses how to determine the width a unit will take up in line or in column.

Page 26
Modern Techniques Turn Brady Photographs into a Revealing Portrait of Richmond
A Courier & Ives print depicting “The Fall of Richmond” is compared side by side to a modern day (1960’s) photograph.

Page 28
Weapons & Equipment by Dr. Frasncis A. Lord
The Army and Marine Corps used a wide variety of ‘equipments.’

Page 32
Last Battle of the War by Henry I. Kurtz
The Blue and the Gray fought at Palmetto Ranch a month after Appomattox. The battle was fought on May 12, 1865 in Texas.

Page 34
Book Reviews
1. Stanton: The Life and Times of Lincoln’s Secretary of War by Benjamin P. Thomas and Harold M. Hyman
2. Wendell Phillips–Brahmin Radical by Irving H. Bartlett
3. True Tales of the South at War: How Soldiers Fought and Families Lived 1861-1865 edited by Clarence Poe

Page 38
Prussian Observer Left Excellent Record of War
Captain Justus Scheibert

Page 45
The Amazing Ordeal of Pvt. Joe Shewmon, Part I by Joe Shewmon
Here in his own words is the first installment of an 18-year-old Ohio soldier’s exciting story of how he twice escaped Confederate prisons and was recaptured after living off the Southern countryside.

Page 51
Jake Donelson, a ‘Cocky’ Rebel by W. S. Nye
The comrades of this unusual Confederate never minded his crowing. In fact, it endeared him to them.


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