Number 8 (December 1962)

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Page 5
A Century Ago This Month by Robert D. Hoffsommer
December 1862: Prairie Grove, Fredericksburg, Chickasaw Bluffs, Van Dorn’s Holly Springs Raid, Stones River

Page 6
A Letter From Fredericksburg: “I Have With the Reg’t Been Through a Terrible Battle” by Maj. Francis E. Pierce
Maj. Francis E. Pierce participated in the suicidal attack on Marye’s Heights at Fredericksburg 100 years ago and lived to write a vivid account of his experience in a letter to a friend. Hitherto unpublished, here is that account.

Page 10
W. L. Sheppard: Artist of Action (a special portfolio) by Ulrich Troubetzkoy
A member of the Richmond Howitzers, this talented artist left a collection of superb paitnings and sketches showing the life and times of the Confederate soldier.

Page 18
On the Road to Atlanta: Johnston vs. Sherman by Allan Keller
Two of the shrewdest generals in the Civil War commanded the armies in this classic campaign whose outcome sealeed the fate of the Confederacy.

Page 23
Frederick Douglass (a personality profile) by Larry Gara
This one-time slave became both a symbol and an effective spokesman for the Abolitionist cause.

Page 36
The ‘Swamp Angel’ by Francis Lord
Southerners had other names for this cannon and the Federals who set it up to fire on the City of Charleston.

Page 38
How Porter’s Flotilla Ran te Gauntlet Past Vicksburg by Edwin C. Bearss and Warren E. Grabau
U. S. Grant knew how to seize this Confederate fortress town which denied the Federals use of the Mississippi; that was to put an army across the river downstream and attack from the land side. But first he had to get the necessary boats past the mighty guns of Vicksburg.

Page 49
Book Reviews
1. A Diary of Battle, The Personal Journals of Colonel Charles S. Wainwright Edited by Allan Nevins
2. Lion of White Hall by David L. Smiley
3. By Sea and By River by Bern Anderson
4. Last Night the Nightingale by Clifford Dowdey
5. West Point Atlas of the Civil War
6. Civil War Ironclads by Robert McBride


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