TOCWOC (The Order of Civil War Obsessively Compulsed) is a group Civil War blog formed in September 2007. Our purpose is to enlighten and entertain readers on every aspect of the Civil War, whether it be Social, Political, Military, or other history.

TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog is a tool for deep readers and in depth students of the Civil War.  TOCWOC is written BY amateurs FOR amateurs.  TOCWOC blog entries and the static pages at TOCWOC are designed to help knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable Civil War students grow in their Civil War knowledge.  Regularly reading TOCWOC will get you news on the latest Civil War books, book reviews, original research on the war, author/publisher interviews, preservation news, summaries of Civil War magazines and Civil War Talk Radio, and much more.   Reading TOCWOC will make you a more informed Civil War buff, able to purchase and read the best new Civil War books while avoiding those with major flaws.  Let TOCWOC work for you and work with you as we grow together in our shared Civil War knowledge.

TOCWOC will feature a wide variety of blog entries. Some of the proposed topics include book and game reviews, a focus on Civil War period individuals, author interviews, information on book and game publishers, battlefield trips, preservation, teaching the Civil War, and much more. All of the authors of this blog are “informed amateurs”, Civil War buffs who do not focus on the Civil War in our day jobs, though some of us are closer than others to achieving that status! We encourage you to use the categories we’ve set up to find the posts most interesting to you. Once you’ve found those posts, we welcome and encourage comments as well. Let us know if you like the format and look of the blog, and feel free to give us suggestions for improvement. Lastly, we hope you have as much fun reading as we do posting!