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Civil War Times, Volume 48, Number 2 (April 2009)
Civil War Times, Volume 48, Number 2 (April 2009)

74 Pages

Cover Story

Total War?…..28

by Michael Fellman and Mark E. Neely Jr.

Historians debate the nature of our “civil” struggle.  Did atrocities abound, or was it remarkably restrained?


Abe’s Southern Roots…..34

by Linda Wheeler

The old Dominion can claim a share of Old Abe’s legacy.

Anxious for the Fight…..36

by Gordon Berg

At Sutherland Station, Union Maj. Gen. Nelson Miles’ men paid in blood for their commander’s youthful bravado.

Last Raid of a Rebel Pirate…..42

by Ron Soodalter

John Yates Beall’s gutsy plan to commandeer a Union warship and rescue Confederate POWs did not work out as he had hoped.

A New Generation Digs Johnson’s Island…..48

by Nan Siegel

Ongoing field research at a prison site yields artifacts, new data and young people turned on to history.

Picking up the Pieces…..50

by John F. Cummings III

During a grisly journey to Virginia to collect Rebel bones, a photographer captured invaluable battlefield images.

Iron Brigade from the Empire State…..54

by Thomas G. Clemens

Yes, the first Iron Brigade of the Army of the Potomac was from New York, and its men deserved the nickname without a doubt.


Mail Call…..9

Civil War Today…..14

Edited by Linda Wheeler

Third Winchester expands; Pamplin Park contracts; the Museum of the Confederacy launches satellites.

Gary W. Gallagher’s Blue & Gray…..19

Evaluating the Confederacy requires a thick skin.

Field Guide…..22

Out-of-the-way spots in the Wilderness.


by Peter S. Carmichael

Lesley J. Gordon’s research on the 16th Connecticut reveals much about courage and cowardice.

Letter From Civil War Times…..27

How Do You Define Total?


1.      Andersonville to Tahiti: The Story of Dorence Atwater by Thomas P. Lowry

2.      Lincoln President-Elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Secession Winter of 1860-1861 by Harold Holzer

3.      Lincoln and the Decision for War: The Northern Response to Secession by Russell McClintock

4.      Abraham Lincoln: Great American Historians on Our Sixteenth President edited by Brian Lamb and Susan Swain

5.      Shenandoah 1862: Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Campaign by Peter Cozzens

6.      The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat by Earl J. Hess

7.      Brandy Station 1863: First Step Towards Gettysburg by Dan Beattie


1.      Grant and Lee in War and Peace by the New-York Historical Society


More reading on “Total War?”; locating the Lincoln family homestead; visiting Johnson’s Island Cemetery.

Looking at Lincoln…..74

by Harold Holzer

Mary liked smooth cheeks.


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