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  • Before the Seven Days – Advance to the Chickahominy Part 13

    Hill’s Attack MG D. H. Hill’s independent decision to begin the attack started in ragged fashion. The hasty nature of the order left the brigades scrambling to get into battles order. BG Samuel Garland’s brigade (5th NC, 23rd NC, 24th VA, 38th VA, 2nd FL, and 2nd MS Bn) advanced with the 2nd Mississippi Battalion […]

  • Before the Seven Days – Advance to the Chickahominy Part 12

    Setting the Stage for Battle The net result of the Battle of Hanover Court House was a change to the strategy of the campaign. McClellan noted that the “enemy was not in great force opposite Bottom’s Bridge” and that “it was important to secure a lodgment upon the right bank before he should have time […]

  • The Best Books on the Seven Days and the Peninsula

    Books Focusing on The Peninsula Campaign and the Seven Days On this, the 150th anniversary of the last day of the Seven Days at Malvern Hill, it seemed appropriate to offer up a list of the top books on McClellan’s great effort to reach Richmond and end the war quickly from March-July 1862.  The Peninsula […]