Brett’s Older Civil War Book Reviews

In case you were wondering why some of my reviews cover books published years or even decades ago, this small page is for you. I have a relatively large and ever-increasing library of Civil War books. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to read these books at the pace I’ve been buying them over the last five years or so. As a result, I have literally hundreds of unread books lining my shelves. For this reason, you will often see a review of a book many years old and perhaps even available only used, or not available at all.

My intent in publishing these book reviews is two fold. First, I use these reviews as a kind of summary of what I’ve read. I can go back later, check out my review, and get a decent idea of the author’s main points. Second, I want to give readers with interests similar to mine an idea of what a book contains. Readers perusing the archives of this blog and also my Online Civil War Book Collection can take a look at all of my thoughts on the books I’ve read and possibly get a better feel for prospective purchases.


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