Active Bloggers (click on a name to learn more about each):

James Durney – Top 500 Reviewer

Fred Ray – Civil War Author and Blogger

Brett Schulte – Blog Founder, Book Reviewer, Wargamer, and Civil War Buff


Individual Bloggers Who Crosspost Here

Jim Miller – Civil War Blogger and Civil War Fiction Reviewer

Scott Mingus – Scientist, Civil War Historian and Author, ACW Miniature Wargamer and Blogger

Rob Wick – Civil War Historian and Enthusiast

Eric J. Wittenberg – Disgruntled Lawyer, Award-Winning Historian, Publisher, and Blogger


On Hiatus / Former Bloggers

Mark Acres – Amateur Civil War Historian and Essayist, Award Winning Game Designer, Award Winning Journalist, and Struggling NovelistTom Churchill – Civil War Author and Blogger

Louis Bohorfoush – Civil War Student Interested in Northern Mississippi and Northern Alabama

Michelle Hamilton – Civil War Fiction Reviewer

Marty Hancock – Civil War Fiction Reviewer and Blogger

David Hollis – OSD staff Analyst/Planner, USAR military intelligence officer assigned to USSTRATCOM, amateur military writer

Jessica James – Civil War Author and Civil War Fiction Reviewer

Jim Lamason – Civil War Historian and Preservation Advocate

Matt McKeon – High School History Teacher

Steve Meserve – Author, Tour Guide and Longtime Student of the War

Joe Meyer – Slightly Demented Amateur Historian

William Underwood – Civil War Fiction Reviewer

Dean West – Amateur Black Powder Historian/Pretend Cavalier

Ken Williams – Civil War Fiction Reviewer, Civil War News Non-Fiction Reviewer, Lecturer, Researcher , Former Reenactor,  and Former Gettysburg National Park Ranger

Matthew Young – Civil War Museum employee, Reenactor, and Avid Reader

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