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This site serves as a home page for my Civil War Wargame Mods for various Civil War games. These are all Civil War computer games released over the past decade or so. If you are playing a Civil War game, odds are you’ll find some add-ons such as patches, scenarios, graphics, maps, etc. Please let other Civil War gaming fans know about this page and the related pages below! If you have any comments or suggestions, either leave a comment below or use the Contact Us link at the top of the page.



Those of you who have been visiting for years know that I have hosted a lot of mods for Civil War wargames. You might also have noticed that a lot of these sites have been neglected for some time as well.

I’ve decided to roll my existing modding sites into TOCWOC gradually over time. The old sites will remain up, but there will be links and notes explaining how wargamers can get to this page and the sub-pages linked above. As a result, this page should slowly but surely become your one-stop shop for Civil War wargames mods. Any time a new mod is posted, it will appear as well in a TOCWOC blog entry.

I currently host mod sites for NorbSoftDev, HPS Simulations, Mad Minute Games, Forge of Freedom, and AGEOD’s American Civil War. Their links are below. Check back to this site periodically to see what has been added, and keep watching TOCWOC’s main page for blog entries introducing new mods. Happy wargaming!


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  2. d.a. werlein Avatar
    d.a. werlein

    I have just downloaded Civil War Genersals 2, and have attempted to try it out on the Kali2 game site. I cannot figure out how to play or contact anyone. Do you know how?

  3. Bill Treuting Avatar
    Bill Treuting

    Where is the best site to find Battle Ground Scenarios?

    1. admin Avatar


      Are you talking about the old Talonsoft Battleground games or the new Matrix version of those games? The best place to find scenarios for the old Talonsoft versions would be the American Civil War Cartography Office:

      I do not know of any sites for the new Matrix version. I hope this helps!


  4. Cate Avatar

    Looking for some board games for my boyfriend.

    Does anyone have the game “On to Richmond” or “Battle Cry”.


    1. admin Avatar


      Since this is a blog, it’s really only me who owns wargames, and none of mine are for sale! 🙂 I’d recommend going to either eBay or to find either of those games. I’m not sure what kind of prices they are going for on the open market, but those are the places you’ll find out. Good luck!


  5. Josh Avatar

    Just looking for some good recommendations. I recently bought Ageod’s Civil War and can’t get enough of it. Any other really good strategy games for the CW out there? (Also love EU)

  6. Garnier Avatar

    I created a mod for American Conquest Divided Nation, you can find it here:

  7. Mark Avatar

    Is there somewhere online that rates or ranks the top strategic pc civil war games. There seems to be a few out there and really enjoy the subject. Would like to purchase whichever one seems to be the best on the subject without having to buy and try all of them. Don’t see a top 10 list of pc civil war games on this site. Thanks

  8. Valentine Avatar

    I am new to this site but found it looking for a good civil war game for my PC. I reflect Mark in trying to find more info. Those ratings however don’t show you anything. Graphic’s and mapping are important. I enjoy the Command & Conquer game format if that helps. Thanks so much for any help you could provide.

  9. Paul Avatar

    looking for patches for Civil War Generals 2, Game freezes up during some of the battles.
    Great game otherwise. Is there a better game than CWG2? All opinions welcome!

  10. Rick C Avatar
    Rick C

    I am looking for Mac games or compatible Max games for Civil War turn-based strategy games.

    Rmc II

  11. ProgsterJohn Avatar

    I’ve been ‘jonesing’ for a really good Civil War game for a long time now. I generally liked John Tiller’s Campaign Atlanta, but the AI leaves much to be desired and the graphics are VERY dated. I also purchased AEGOD’s grand strategic Civil War game, and although there are some things I really like about it, it seems a bit overwhelming and has a very steep learning curve. Anyone have any recommendations?

  12. Born2see Avatar


    If you want a tactical level, realtime strategy game you have to try Scourge of War:Gettysburg. It’s by far the best Civil War game I’ve ever played. Here is the website:

    And check out the reviews at


  13. John Avatar

    Thanks Born2See,

    I’m downloading the demo now. It looks very cool. Although I would have preferred Antietam, Shiloh, Spotsylvania, or some other less-covered battle, still in all Gettysburg will do nicely. The game seems perfect for what I was looking for; that is, something in the middle ground between the casual games and the hard-core Grognard games.

    Speaking of Grognard games, after 4-5 tries I finally lost patience and gave up on AEGOD’s ACW. Bad things would happen and I wouldn’t have a clue as to why, and the Union AI seems far more aggressive than the Union was historically in 1861.

  14. ProgsterJohn Avatar

    Well Born2See, I took a good look at the Scourge of War: Gettysburg demo. On the plus side I would say that the graphics are beautiful. I can see that Indy game companies have been getting better at this. The bad news is that I thought the interface and controls were a bit clunky, and things were especially confusing when fighting in the woods. I suppose I’ve been a bit spoiled by the point and click ease of comparable games like the Total War series. In all fairness though it was rather late and I was tired when I tried the demo, so I’ll probably try it again soon.

  15. Born2see Avatar

    Did you get a chance to try it again? You can remove all the terrain features by hitting the “T” key. There are three different levels from full to St. Andrews mode (my characterization and a golf reference) which has no trees, rocks, or fences.

    I’m pretty involved with the SOWGB communty do I have some insight into the design considerations. The primary design consideration was historical accuracy. Keep in mind the the confusion during the battles is to simulate just that. At the highest difficulty level the camera is restricted to the line of sight you would have sitting on a horse and the only way to communicate with other subordinates is by courier. And those couriers can be killed or captured. And depending on who your sending the message to , your orders nay not be followed. Can you say Ewell? Anyway, give the game another try. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    And no, I don’t have any financial interest in this game. I’m just an enthusiastic fan like so many.

  16. PorgsterJohn Avatar

    Thanks for the additional info Born2See. No, I’ve not tried it again, though a revisit is still on my gaming ‘to do’ list. I finished the Shelby Foote ACW trilogy about a month ago, so my Civil War ‘mood’ has waned a bit and I’m playing other things like the Russo-Japanese War ;o). Yes, you are right in that any chaos in the Gettysburg game would be very realistic, and ditto for giving orders via couriers and LOS. Anyway, I guess I was spoiled by the unlimited view and the ease with which you can target enemy formations in comparable games like the Total War series. In any event I will probably try Gettysburg again in about 2-4 weeks. Does the design team have any plans to port the Gettysburg system to other battles? Better yet, an ACW campaign in the vein of the Total War series would be awesome! If not the entire war, at least specific campaigns like the ‘Red Clay Minuet’ (Atlanta) or the Wilderness campaign. :o)

  17. Born2see Avatar

    They do have plans for other battles but I’m not privy to which ones. It’s the source of much speculation on the board. Everyone has their favorites. How are you playing the Russo-Japanese war? Distant Guns? Read the reviews but have never played it.

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