Dan O’Connell’s Campaign Series

Dan O’Connell has been doing Campaign Series at the now-defunct History Forums as well as at the Civil War Talk message board for years.  I am extremely pleased to announce that he is now posting these series here at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog as a regular contributor to this site.  As Dan posts new campaign entries, they will appear automatically on the page below.  Bookmark this page and come back often!

Mississippi Marine Brigade (Campaign Series) Chickasaw Bayou (Campaign Series) The First Battle of Deep Bottom (Campaign Series) Arkansas Post (Campaign Series) Gaining a Foothold on Morris Island (Campaign Series) The Fight at Chapman's Mill (Campaign Series) Burnside Expedition (Campaign Series) Harris Farm (Campaign Series) Iuka (Campaign Series) Bristoe Station (Campaign Series) The Mobile Campaign (Campaign Series) Battle of Belmont (Campaign Series) Morton's Ford (Campaign Series) Wauhatchie (Campaign Series) Whiting's Failure (Campaign Series) Port Hudson (Campaign Series) Wilmington and Fort Fisher (Campaign Series) Siege of Suffolk (Campaign Series) Before the Seven Days (Campaign Series) Battle of Farmington (Campaign Series) Franklin's Crossing (Campaign Series)


This page used to serve as the home for the series of Campaign Studies members of the History Forums have been posting at that now defunct site.  Links to the page of each contributor are below.  On each page you can find all of the multi-part campaign studies each person has done to date.  Links to the History Forums are no longer valid.  Read the Microsoft Word documents instead until I have a chance to go in and rework these pages.


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