Nafziger Civil War Order of Battle (OOB) Collection

by Brett Schulte on March 15, 2010 · 12 comments

The George Nafziger collection of orders of battle (aka orbats or OOBs) is a massive set numbering in the thousands. For years. Mr. Nafziger offered his OOBs for a small amount per page. However, he is now set to retire and has graciously offered the entire collection to the CARL military library for free viewing and download. Many Civil War orders of battle were missing from the collection, and I’ve volunteered to take the text files and convert them to PDFs for use by the CARL.

I will also be offering all of the American Civil War OOBs in a variety of formats in large zip files (i.e. one zip of all text files, one of PDF files, and one of HTML files). However, the easiest way to view and search these files will be by using this site itself. The sub-pages below are divided into years and then months, and every single Civil War Order of Battle in the Nafziger Collection will have its own page. I’ll be creating a search engine soon which will allow you to search for specific units or leaders throughout the collection. Civil War orders of battle will be added slowly as Mr. Nafziger converts files and sends them to me.