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Hello Civil War readers!  As TOCWOC continues to grow older, valuable content from the past tends to be read less and less.  This page contains the top TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog posts made over the years, allowing you the reader to quickly and easily get to the most important, most relevant, and most useful content at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog.


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  2. Karl J. Creazzo Avatar
    Karl J. Creazzo

    Just read the resolution adopted by the Ga. state legislature justifying their decision to secede. Without secession there would have been no war. It contains no less than 30 direct references to slavery and 22 indirect references. More than any other subject. Similar resolutions by other seceding states offer similar reading. So much for the argument that it was not about slavery.

  3. tim woods Avatar

    Mr. Creazzo:

    Succinctly and well put. Amazes me how many apologists ply the sophistry that slavery was a secondary–or less– cause of the war.

    Even a cursory reading of the documents from the pre-war years screams how committed the South was to maintaining slavery for economic reasons and their twisted logic justifying the instituion on Biblical grounds.

    Tim Woods
    author of ‘Grant Me Timely Grace.’

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