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  • Before the Seven Days – Advance to the Chickahominy Part 8

    Early’s Attack Crushed COL D. K. McRae, commanding the 5th North Carolina, almost instantly understood the difficulties that were incumbent in the order to attack. The forward movement became entangled “in a dense undergrowth” and had to traverse a “marshy ravine”. After losing contact with the elements on both sides he moved his men as […]

  • Before the Seven Days – Advance to the Chickahominy Part 7

    Attack Continued The entry of Pickett’s men into the battle renewed the Confederate assault. The 18th Virginia and the 19th Virginia replaced the 10th Alabama and 19th Mississippi. These two regiments retired to reorganize and resupply. The 28th Virginia formed a reserve as the assault continued with fresh troops. The Confederate attack ran directly into […]

  • Before the Seven Days – Advance to the Chickahominy Part 6

    The Battle of Williamsburg Begins As the Union cavalry retired the infantry columns of BG H ooker and BG Smith closed on Fort Magruder from two directions. Smith’s column approached on the Yorktown Road and arrived to support the Union troopers at 1730. Operations in the area were placed under the command of BG Edwin […]

  • Before the Seven Days – Advance to the Chickahominy Part 5

    Stuart Escapes a Trap The Confederate cavalry protecting the rear of Johnston’s retreat consisted of the 4th Virginia, 3rd Virginia, and the Jeff Davis Legion. They had the massive responsibility to guard the three major approaches to Williamsburg. The separated command of BG Emory (3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry and a horse battery), managed to avoid the […]

  • “I’ve Been Ordered Up to Fight!”: Phil Kearny to the Rescue at Williamsburg

    Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of guest posts by Greg Quinion.  In addition to being an avid history reader and world traveler, Greg works as a freelance travel and history writer and Information Analyst in Washington DC.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, […]

  • The Best Books on the Seven Days and the Peninsula

    Books Focusing on The Peninsula Campaign and the Seven Days On this, the 150th anniversary of the last day of the Seven Days at Malvern Hill, it seemed appropriate to offer up a list of the top books on McClellan’s great effort to reach Richmond and end the war quickly from March-July 1862.  The Peninsula […]