Civil War Magazines and Journals Index

American Civil War Magazines and Journals Index

American Civil War Magazines and Journals Index is an online index of all Civil War Magazines and Journals either currently or previously in distribution. The site is meant to be used to find articles, authors, and subjects quickly and easily. Feel free to browse through the site using the menu at the top of the screen, or use our handy search engine below. We are in the early stages of this project.

Update 4/09/09: The entire runs of Columbiad and Civil War Regiments have been transcribed. Currently we are in the process of getting the last few years of Civil War Times, America’s Civil War, North & South, and Blue & Gray posted. After this, we will slowly work on back issues of all the magazines you see listed below. Let us know if you have a preference as to which one we should do first. We also hope to start putting up index pages for Gettysburg Magazines as time permits.

Civil War Magazines


8 responses to “Civil War Magazines and Journals Index”

  1. jeffery connell Avatar
    jeffery connell

    Is there an updated list more current than 2009)

  2. Brett Schulte Avatar


    I’m sorry but there isn’t. My first son was born in late 2008 and my priorities have changed. My free time is also much less than it used to be. If anyone reading this wants to help volunteer to add magazines to this page using the formats established above I’d be happy to have the help and happy to post the work.


  3. Jonathan Avatar

    Can someone please recommend the best Civil War magazine to me? I’ve been into the Civil Ware for a year now and am now reading my 6th or 7th book: the Shelby Foote 3 volume set. I recently got a 10 year old issue of Blue & Gray for the 140 Anniversary of Antietem (at Antietam on the 150th anniversary) and I enjoyed reading it.

    I count 4 CW magazines:
    – Blue & Gray
    – Civil War Times
    – America’s Civil War
    – North and South

    Is there a consensus on which is supposed to be the best?


    1. Brett Schulte Avatar


      I’d rank the magazines I know of in approximately this order:

      Blue and Gray
      America’s Civil War
      Civil War Times
      Civil War Monitor
      Civil War History
      UNC Press Civil War Journal
      North and South

      I hope this helps.


  4. Preston Avatar

    Are the America’s Civil War magazines searchable? I’m looking for articles on the first Battle of Corinth.


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