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Civil War Books

This is the new home page for Brett Schulte’s Civil War books collection.  When I first started looking for Civil War book reviews online in the mid-1990s, I really didn’t find anything worthwhile.  As a result, I started reviewing the Civil War books I owned in the early 2000s, and have since managed to obtain quite a few books while also doing quite a few Civil War Book Reviews.  I have rolled my old Civil War books site into TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog using a WordPress plugin called Now Reading.  At this site you’ll be able to browse through my Civil War books collection, look at reviews I may have done over the years, click to see TOCWOC blog entries which focus on a given book, and left click on the book’s image or on a link to quickly and easily buy the book from

Publishers and authors, please see TOCWOC’s Civil War Book Review Policy if you’d like to add to this collection. 🙂

NOTE: As of early March 2009, this site is still HEAVILY under construction.  I have over 600 Civil War books at last count and entering the data into Now Reading’s database is going to take time.  Bear with me.  As soon as I have all of my books entered I will forward the old Civil War Books site to this area instead.


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