Charge!: The Official Newsletter of the Johnny Reb™ Gaming Society


Magazine Name: Charge!
The Official Newsletter of the Johnny Reb™ Gaming Society

Publisher: The Johnny Reb Gaming Society

Web Site:

Description (from the web site): Each quarter, we publish an informal newsletter (CHARGE!) with original regimental-level wargaming scenarios (suitable for other rules sets as well as Johnny Reb), reprints or updates of classic older scenarios (many of which had first appeared in The Zouave magazine), historical articles on the Civil War by leading authors, gaming-related articles, terrain making tips, painting and flag guides, Civil War research papers, and Johnny Reb-specific articles. This newsletter contains at least two scenarios in each issue. Occasionally, we will offer prizes, discounts from selected wargaming figure and accessory manufacturers, and other membership benefits.

Note: This is an ongoing project. All of the issues listed below have been completed. If you would like to help to complete this project, even if it is only one issue of one magazine, please use the Contact Us form in the menu at the top of this screen.

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