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Charge!, Issue 12
Charge!, Issue 12

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From the Editor’s Desk by Scott Mingus
Editor Scott Mingus discusses his family’s trip to this year’s Gettysburg reenactment on July 9, 2006, a new music CD by the 2nd South Carolina String Band, and a slew of new writers and contributors to this issue of charge.
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Sykes’ Regulars at Antietam: Wednesday, September 17, 1862, Sharpsburg, Maryland by Scott Mingus
Scenario: Sykes’ Regulars at Antietam, Wednesday, September 17, 1862
Type: Historical

Date: September 17, 1862
Game Rules: Johnny Reb 3
Scale: 15mm
Table Size: 4′ x 6′
Time (Turns): 12:20 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. (18 turns in JR3)
Union – Elements of the Sykes’ Division, V Corps and Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac
Confederate – Elements of D. H. Hill’s Division, Jackson’s Left Wing, assorted artillery, and elements of Longstreet’s Right Wing, Army of Northern Virginia

This historical scenario depicts the fighting in the center of the Confederate line involving portions of Sykes’ Regular Division versus a large number of Rebel artillery batteries and several small infantry regiments.

Page 5
Commanders in Blue/Gray
Short biographies of Robert Christie Buchanan (Blue) and Richard Brooke Garnett (Gray) appear in what looks to be a possible series for the future.
Page 6
Sons of the South: Unit Histories of Select Southern Regiments: 31st Virginia Infantry by Robert Sweeney
Robert Sweeney uses the H. E. Howard book covering the 31st Virginia to give a page long briefing of the battles in which the regiment participated.  In addition, a full color 15mm (I think) regimental flag is provided as well.  This is the second article in the series to appear.
Page 7
Rockbridge Railhead by David Blackmon
Scenario: Rockbridge Railroad
Type: Fictional

Date: Any
Game Rules: Johnny Reb 3
Scale: 15mm
Table Size: 4′ x 8′
Time (Turns): 6 to 8 turns in JR3
Union – “Buford’s Boys” under John Buford
Confederate – J.E.B. Stuart’s Cavalry

This entirely fictional scenario is meant as a bit of lighthearted fun by the designer.  It features a mixed arms force under “Jeb” Stuart trying to capture a heavy siege gun mounted on a stationary railroad car, while “Buford’s Boys” under John Buford attempt to stop this from happening.

Page 9
The Sutler’s Corner: A Review of Scale Creep Miniatures’ New Line of 15mm ACW Figures
Reviewed by Scott Mingus
Scott Mingus gives a decidedly positive review of Alan Marsh’s new 15mm ACW figures.  Sold by Mark Severin of Deep Fried Happy Mice (, these infantry figures are just the tip of the iceberg.  Artillery is planned for later this year, and cavalry is set to debut in 2007.  Mark also plans to sell larger packs with command figures tailored to Fire & Fury and Johnny Reb 3 gamers.
Page 10
Vignettes: Mini-Dioramas To Enhance Your Wargame Scenarios by Larry Reber
Larry Reber discusses using excess figures to create mini-dioramas.  Scenes such as campfires, command units with staff officers, casualties, civilians, camp supplies and accessories, and others can flesh out your miniature gaming table.
Page 12
JR3 and the Hex Grid by Dale Bley
Old-time gamer Dale Bley discusses converting JR3 to the 4″ hex system, including some rules changes necessary to make the change work.  The plus side of a hex based game is the fact that you do not need tape measures for movement or firing ranges.  A down side is the need to make the hexes in the first place.  Regardless, the author here gives a viable method of making this method work using GHQ Terrain Maker Styrofoam hexes.
Page 14
Civil War Blogging: A New Way to Discuss the Conflict by Brett Schulte
In this article I tried to convey to the readers of Charge! why I started blogging, some of the typical types and frequency of blog entries, good Civil War blogs I’ve read, and tips and tricks for starting your their own blog.
Page 16
Johnny Con After-action Report by Steven W. Popper
In this after-action report (AAR) Steven Popper discusses the role of the Federal brigade under his command.   The author fought in the championship round of the first annual Johnny Con in New Albany, Indiana.  The battle featured a crossing of the “Gore River” by the Federal troops.  Popper’s forces were on the far left of the Union line, and the brevet Brigadier-General launched a flank attack, routing several Rebel regiments.
Page 19
The Budget Gamer
In this “Budget Gamer”, tips are given to build a cheap, realistic looking forest floor and also to build realistic stream or river edges.
Page 20
Battery Robinett (Corinth): 4th October, 1862 by Paul D. Stevenson
Scenario: Battery Robinett, the Battle of Corinth
Type: Historical

Date: October 4, 1862
Game Rules: Johnny Reb 3
Scale: 15mm
Table Size: 3′ x 4′
Time (Turns): 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. (10 turns in JR3)
Union – Elements of the Army of the Mississippi
Confederate – Elements of Price’s Corps, Army of West Tennessee

This scenario depicts the historical Confederate attack on Battery Robinett and Battery Williams, protecting the vital railroad crossroads of Corinth, Mississippi.  The Confederate attack achieved some success, even penetrating the town of Corinth briefly, but eventually sputtered out and was driven back by Federal forces.  The scenario article provides several game variants and even suggestions for recreating the scenario using a larger scale.

Page 24
Johnny Con: A Johnny Reb Lover’s Dream Convention by Doug Kline
The first annual Johnny Con, a convention featuring the Johnny Reb 3 rules system and variants, was held in New Albany, Indiana (suburban Louisville, Kentucky) on May 19-21, 2006.  Games included a weekend long tournament featuring four player teams, several runnings of a Perryville scenario, an American Revolution game featuring the Johnny Tremaine rules variant, and a Napoleonic scenario based on the Napoleonic version of Final Argument of Kings.  Two vendors, Scale Creep Miniatures and Battlefield Terrain Concepts, attended the event.  Plans are underway for Johnny Con II, tentatively scheduled to be held in June 2007 in the Louisville suburbs.
Page 25
Guilford Courthouse: March 15, 1781
Scenario: Guilford Courthouse
Type: Historical

Date: March 15, 1781
Game Rules: Johnny Reb 3 & Johnny Tremaine
Scale: 15mm
Table Size: 32″ x 40″
Time (Turns): 12:20 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. (12 turns in JR3)
American – Greene’s Army
British – Cornwallis’ Army

In a bit of a departure from normal, a Revolutionary War scenario featuring the Battle of Guilford Courthouse is depicted at the end of this issue.  Using the Johnny Tremaine american Revolution Variant of the Johnny Reb 3 rules, this scenario depicts the three tiered defense system of General Nathanael Greene versus the steady British Regulars of Charles, Lord Cornwallis.


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