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Charge!, Issue 9
Charge!, Issue 9

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From the Editor’s Desk
by Scott Mingus

Editor Scott Mingus discusses the recent efforts to restore the appearance of the Gettysburg battlefield to its 1863 look.

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Gettysburg Battlefield Restoration in Full Swing!

This article goes into greater detail concerning the efforts of the National Park Service to “restore” Gettysburg to its former look. Besides thinning or removing trees in key areas, the NPS also started placing miles of fencing in areas that historically contained fences. Orchards are making a reappearance as well. And lastly, a Ford dealership near some XI Corps monuments on Carlisle Road has been vacated as well.

Page 3
Gettysburg: Plum Run Valley, July 2, 1863
by Scott Mingus

Scenario: Plum Run Valley
Type: Historical What-if?
Date: July 2, 1863
Game Rules: Johnny Reb 3
Scale: 15mm
Table Size: 3′ x 4′
Time (Turns): 7:00 P.M. to 9:20 P.M. (8 turns in JR3)
Union – Elements of the Army of the Potomac (1st Brigade, Third Division, V Corps & 3rd Brigade, Third Division, VI Corps)
Confederate – Elements of the Army of Northern Virginia (3 Brigades of McLaws’ Division & Anderson’s Brigade, Hood’s Division)

This small “kitchen table” game, as Scott calls it, depicts the fighting west of Little Round Top and Munshower’s Hill late in the day on July 2, 1863.

Page 5
Variant Rules for Your Campaign: Part 1
by Robert Sweeney

In this first part of a multi-part series, Robert Sweeney discusses adding Gatling Guns to a JRIII scenario. Scott Mingus adds other ideas for using Gatling Guns in a sidebar article.

Page 6
Building A Better Regimental Organization
by Dan Fraser

Dan Fraser goes into detail about his attempts to “kitbash” the Fire and Fury Regimental rules and Johnny Reb 2 & 3.

Page 8
The Battle of Bailey’s Crossroads
by Daniel Erdman

Scenario: Bailey’s Crossroads
Type: Fictional
Date: mid September, 1863
Game Rules: Johnny Reb 2
Scale: 15mm
Table Size: 5′ x 9′
Time (Turns): 10:30 A.M. to unspecified (? turns in JR2)
Union – Elements of Thomas’ Corps (1st & 2nd Divisions)
Confederate – Elements of Buckner’s Corps, D.H. Hill’s Corps & the Reserve Corps

Sterling Price’s grand raid into Missouri in 1864 ended in failure. On the retreat, James Blunt’s Union Cavalry hit the rear of Price’s Army of Missouri near Newtonia, Missouri. Jo Shelby’s Rebel Cavalry succeeded in holding off the Yankees until nightfall, but they were forced to resume the retreat.

Page 12
Build A Bridge, And Get Over It!: Pontoon Bridge Building Rules for ACW Regimental Games
by Dan Fraser

Dan Fraser discusses the pontoon bridge building rules created for Fire and Fury Regimental, converting them for use in Johnny Reb 3.

Page 13
Lee and Meade Headquarters At Gettysburg: Product Review of Two New Model Buildings by Musket Miniatures
by Larry Reber

Larry Reber discusses the houses Robert E. Lee and George Gordon Meade chose to be their respective headquarters during the Battle of Gettysburg. Lee was situated in the the home of Mary Thompson along the Chambersburg Pike, while Meade stayed in the home of Lydia Leister along Taneytown Road. After going over the historical structures, Reber reviews the Musket Miniatures models of the two houses.

Page 16
Richmond, Kentucky: August 29 & 30, 1862
by Bill Baker-Di Giulio

Scenario: Richmond, Kentucky
Type: Historical
Date: August 29-30, 1862
Game Rules: Johnny Reb 3 or Fire and Fury
Scale: 15mm
Table Size: unspecified
Time (Turns): 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. (15 turns in JR3, 10 turns in Fire and Fury)
Union – Union Army of Kentucky
Confederate – Confederate Army of Kentucky

The battle of Richmond was the second largest battle (behind Perryville) ever to be fought in the state of Kentucky. The Union forces under “Bull” Nelson (who wasn’t present) mostly ended up surrendering to Kirby Smith’s larger, better trained force of Rebels.

Page 20
Ask John Hill!

In this section, Johnny Reb creator John Hill responds to gamer questions to clarify rules.

Page 21
Low Cost Model Roads
by Scott Mingus

In a short article, Scott Mingus goes over various cost-effective road making methods for miniatures wargaming for any set of rules. Scott uses 1″ strips of flexible plastic or rubber and paints them with a medium brown paint. He finishes the roads off with brown spices and Woodland Scenics brown turf, and paints ruts in using a brown Sharpie. The author also discusses Doug Kline’s method of simply sprinkling tan turf where the roads are supposed to be. The fences and other terrain that borders the roads makes them easily visible, and you can vacuum your “road” up for reuse at a later date.

Page 22
It’s All About Leadership!
by Robert Sweeney

Robert Sweeney has created an alternate set of command and control rules for JRIII, and he also uses these rules as a way to promote leaders to take the place off leaders who have become casualties.

Page 24
A Guide to Painting Horses
by Scott Mingus

Editor Scott Mingus closes out this issue of Charge! with a guide to painting horses for use with many different scales. Scott gives some ideas for painting the coat, leg markings, and face.


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