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Charge!, Issue 5
Charge!, Issue 5

24 Pages

Page 1
From The Editor’s Desk
by Scott Mingus, Sr.

Scott Mingus talks about the start of the second year of Charge! Newsletter.

Page 2
Build and Deploy a Miniature Observation Balloon
by Wayne R. Terry

Mr. Terry discusses the use of observation balloons in the Civil War, how to build balloons for use in gaming, and rules for balloon usage.

Page 4
More Thoughts on Balloons
by Larry Reber

Mr. Reber, who produces model balloons commercially, also offers his thoughts on balloons usage during the Civil War.

Page 5
Balloons in the Gettysburg Campaign
by Scott Mingus, Sr.

The editor, Scott Mingus, finishes up the coverage of balloons by offering a short history of balloons during the Gettysburg Campaign.

Page 6
“A Glint of Bayonets”: Larry Brom’s Regimental Level ACW Rules
by Clay Cooper

Clay Cooper gives a concise overview of Larry Brom’s Regimental ACW Rules, entitled “A Glint of Bayonets”. Each infantry regiment represents 500 men at a 1:25 ratio. The ground scale is 1 inch equals 22 yards. Cooper concludes that “AGoB offers ACW gamers an excellent easy play option for simulating battles of this period and they have a good period feel to them as well.”

Page 7
Johnny Reb 3 Tactics” Updated From Johnny Reb 2
by Marc Shefelton

Marc takes four tactics from Johnny Reb 2 that didn’t make the Johnny Reb 3 rule book (Advancing in Rushes, Wave Assaults, Charging with Empty Guns, and Merging Units) and converts them for use with Johnny Reb 3.

Page 8
Ask John Hill!

In this section, Johnny Reb creator John Hill responds to gamer questions to clarify rules.

Page 9
Chits, Chits — My Kingdom for Some Chits!
by George Anderson

George Anderson offers an After Action Report (AAR) of Paul Stevenson’s Harris Farm scenario, where Union Heavies fought off elements of Ewell’s Corps on May 19, 1864.

Page 11
Fortresses and Ironclads
by Bruce Kindig

Bruce covers the introduction of fortresses and ironclads to Johnny Reb 3. Included are some nice charts giving firing stats for Siege Guns, Fortress Guns, and Ships.

Page 13
Hood at Atlanta: Ezra Church
by George Anderson

Anderson finishes up his three-part look at scenarios covering the three battles around Atlanta in July 1864. Again the units are almost all rated average. This is a large scenario that probably should only be tried by more experienced gamers. The game is played on a 5×7 foot game board.

Page 17
The Second Assault at Fort Fisher: January 13-15, 1865, North Carolina
by David Glenn Jr.

David Glenn, Jr. covers the Second Assault on Fort Fisher in a Johnny Reb 2 scenario. I found this one to be very interesting as Glenn gives detailed instructions on how to build Fort Fisher. He also gives special rules for this assault on a fortification.

Page 22
Finishing Your Terrain Setup
by Doug Kline

Doug Kline, owner of Battlefield Terrain Concepts, talks about finishing off your terrain so that everything blends in for a quality look on your gaming tabletop.


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