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Charge!, Issue 6
Charge!, Issue 6

26 Pages

Page 1
From The Editor’s Desk
by Scott Mingus, Sr.

Scott discusses several of his upcoming projects, including an upcoming book on the Gordon Expedition during the Gettysburg Campaign, and also his Antietam Miniatures scenarios.

Page 2
Hood At Atlanta: The Verdict
by George Anderson

George Anderson finishes off his look at Atlanta by taking a look at John Bell Hood’s command performance. Anderson believes Hood performed well, but that some events, commanders, and luck conspired against him.

Page 4
Optional Rules for Supply Wagons
by John Hill

Johnny Reb creator John Hill offers optional rules covering Supply Wagons.

Page 5
Lost Victory: Lee and Gordon’s Mill
by George Anderson

Prolific scenario writer George Anderson returns with a hypothetical scenario covering a battle just prior to Chickamauga. This one does not appear to be written specifically for Johnny Reb 3, but it seems easy enough to convert.

Page 12
Rally Round the Flag
by Scott Monsour

Scott Monsour covers his new regimental level ACW rules set “Rally Round the Flag”. The rules are for use with 15mm and 25mm figures, and uses a basing system similar to Fire and Fury. The rules are available for $20 at

Page 13
Scratchbuilding a Brick and Masonry Fortress
by Burkhard Schulze

Burkhard discusses the materials and methods necessary to construct a Brick and Masonry Fortress such as Fort Sumter. I particularly enjoyed this scenario.

Page 15
Converting JR3 Scenarios to Regimental Fire & Fury
by Bill Moreno

Bill provides an easy to use conversion article comparing Johnny Reb 3 and Regimental F&F, and then he puts his conversion to use in converting a JR3 Spring Hill Scenario to regimental F&F.

Page 21
“Working With Foam”: Sculpting Wargaming Terrain Out of Foam
by Doug Kline

Doug Kline, owner of Battlefield Terrain Concepts, talks about sculpting wargaming terrain out of foam. He creates a model Culp’s Hill of Gettysburg fame to illustrate the process.

Page 24
Cotton Bales in ACW Gaming
by Larry Reber

Larry Reber writes a very interesting article describing the use of cotton bales as cover and also as a prize for Union forces to win. Larry also produces cotton bales commercially.

Page 26
The Sutler’s Corner
by Scott Mingus

In this installment of The Sutler’s Corner, Scott covers Larry Reber’s cotton bales, available in 15mm, 25mm, 40mm, and 54mm.


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