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Charge!, Issue 4
Charge!, Issue 4

24 Pages

Page 1
From The Editor’s Desk
by Scott Mingus, Sr.

Scott discusses the resurgence of miniatures gaming in the Gettysburg area in his editorial.

Page 2
Ask John Hill!

In this section, Johnny Reb creator John Hill responds to gamer questions to clarify rules.

Page 3
Hood at Atlanta: The Battle of Atlanta
by George Anderson

In the second part of a three-part series, George Anderson covers the Battle of Atlanta in a scenario designed mainly for Johnny Reb. Anderson has an excellent historical introduction to the scenario. This is a rather large scenario and probably shouldn’t be attempted by new players. The map is 5×7 feet.

Page 9
Morgan’s Raid
by Scott Mingus, Sr.

Scott Mingus writes a background article on John Hunt Morgan’s raid into Indiana in 1863. Morgan ended up getting captured on July 26, 1863 in New Lisbon, Ohio.

Page 11
Corydon: July 9, 1863, Indiana
updated by Scott Mingus, Sr.

This scenario article covers the small Battle of Corydon, where members of the Indiana state militia ambushed Morgan’s men. The scenario is very small, with a brigade on each side and only a 3×3 foot map. This one looks good for beginners. It originally appeared in the Johnny Reb scenario booklet and has been updated by Scott.

Page 13
Buffington Island: July 19, 1863, Portland, Ohio
updated by Scott Mingus, Sr.

Scott updated this scenario depicting a portion of Morgan’s Raid as well. It originally appeared in “A Clash of Sabers”, which is one of many scenario booklets for ACW miniatures gamers written by Ryan Toews and George Anderson. This is a medium sized scenario with some naval units involved on a 4×7 foot map.

Page 16
The Sutler’s Corner: Product Review

In this section, the editors review products associated with miniatures gaming. In this particular issue, Sanath Fernando’s painted miniatures are covered. Sanath, based in Sri Lanka, has a website at

Page 16
Bonus Ask John Hill!

In this bonus section, Johnny Reb creator John Hill responds to gamer questions to clarify rules.

Page 17
Early’s Attack on East Cemetery Hill: July 2, 1863: After-Action Report
by Doug Rogers

Doug Rogers writes an interesting AAR describing the action in this scenario, which originally appeared in Scott Mingus’ Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature Vol. 2. The game was played on May 15, 2004 and was sponsored by the North Coast Historical Wargamers of Lake County, Ohio.

Page 19
JR3 – Ground Scale Conversion Chart

This handy chart takes real-world distances in inches and feet and converts them to Johnny Reb scale yards, feet, and miles.

Page 20
Digging for Protection: Hasty Entrenchments in the ACW
by Doug Kline

Terrain guru Doug Kline handles a discussion of hasty entrenchments during the war including their effect on defense and attack. He follows this up with a specific discussion of hasty works in JR3 games.

Page 23
Modeling Roads for Your Miniature Battlefield
by Burkhard Schulze

Burkhard discusses techniques for modeling realistic looking roads in ACW miniatures gaming.


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