North & South Magazine

North & South Magazine

Magazine Name: North & South Magazine

Publisher: Keith Poulter

Web Site:

Description (from Brett): North & South Magazine was one of the best Civil War magazines on the market at its height. Great maps, end notes, famous authors and interesting topics were all part of a typical issue.

Note: This is an ongoing project. All of the issues listed below have been completed. If you would like to help to complete this project, even if it is only one issue of one magazine, please use the Contact Us form in the menu at the top of this screen.

North & South Magazine Back Issues


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  1. RANDY FRALIN Avatar



  2. admin Avatar

    No need to shout. TOCWOC is NOT affiliated in any way with North & South Magazine. I guess it’s bolded disclaimer time on this page. I was subscribed through Volume 13, so while I’m not in for as much as you, I’m still in. I was told by another Civil War blogger that the next issue is on the way after a four month hiatus.

  3. RANDY FRALIN Avatar

    Recieved vol. 11 copy 4/30/09. That’s the second copy since putting up a $150.00 for a lifetime membership 10/ 26/08.

  4. admin Avatar


    Good to hear! Hopefully I receive mine soon as well.


  5. Jody Switzer Avatar
    Jody Switzer

    Just recieved Volume 11 Number 3 today (5/1/2009). I also tried the website, but no luck. I also subscribe to Americas Civil War and the Civil War Times.
    I used to subscribe to The Columbiad, which I liked but is no longer published. Are there any decent Civil War journals left out there?
    Please let me know.

  6. admin Avatar


    Excellent! I enjoyed Columbiad too and I have a complete run of that journal. Civil War History is it as far as fottnoted academic journals go. Currently the articles focus mostly on race, class, and gender, which are the current fads in Academia.


  7. Jody Switzer Avatar
    Jody Switzer

    I have been getting N&S since 1997, and even before, since it was under another name. The original was produced in Virginia, until it was bought out and moved to California. I keep hearing on the Web that the current publisher keeps going to China for one reason or another, and N&S has taken a backseat. I also heard about the lifetime membership for $150.00. I did my research on the situation. My membership is through 2012, and if this situation continues, I do not think that I will renew this magazine.

  8. Bruce Simmons Avatar
    Bruce Simmons

    I’m glad to hear it’s not just me having problems with N&S; and I’m sad to hear that there are problems of such extent. It was the very best, for a while.

  9. Javier Garcia Avatar
    Javier Garcia

    I am a Spanish fan of the American Civil War and I discovered “North and South” magazine some years ago and the grest attractive for me was that they send back issues overseas (other American Civil War magazines does not, I do not understand the cause). I would like to complete my collection with some back issues but for my surprise I have found the magazine web “no operative”. Can anybody say where I would order some back issues of the magazine?

    1. admin Avatar


      At this point, your best bet is to look in the latest issue. There is usually a page focusing on back issues where you can purchase them directly from Keith Poulter at North & South. Your second choice is probably eBay or Abebooks. I’ve found a lot of back issues of Civil War magazines available there.


  10. Don Winkler Avatar
    Don Winkler

    Where can I purchase back issues of North & South Magazine?

    1. admin Avatar


      That is a good question. The magazine used to have a very good web site where back issues could be purchased with ease, but that is long gone. Your best bet is to look to places like EBay, and used book sites like or


  11. David Davenport Avatar
    David Davenport

    I was a charter subscriber to North & South and find that it has the best written articles. I do have two complaints. 1. the ink smears too easily and 2. the use of color behind the text makes reading difficult. If others have these difficulties please contact the editor who has thus far ingored my messages.

  12. Javier Garcia Cano Avatar
    Javier Garcia Cano

    Hello, I was a follower of North and South Magazine but I thought the publication has died some years ago !! But I have recently seen comments that the magazine is still published. I have not found any track of a web on Internet and only I have found some back issues on Amazon. Can anyone offer more information about how to get the magazine and back issues, please? (and if there is anyone to send orders to Spain)

  13. Dave G Avatar
    Dave G

    North & South have set a new website with some content, and access to back orders and subscriptions:

  14. Gerhard Lack Avatar
    Gerhard Lack

    Hello, I have almost all of North & South back issues – the magazine was good! Does anyone know anything about the quality of the latest issues?? I read a lot about money problems an undelieverd subscriptions and bad management.
    I hate to waste money on a subscription, even if it is only $9.99 per year. Thank you for opinion!!

    1. Brett Schulte Avatar

      Mr. Lack,

      I think most of those issues have been resolved at this point. I don’t think you will be wasting your money if you subscribe now.


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