Number 7 (February 2007)

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North & South Magazine, Volume 9, Number 7 (February 2007)
North & South Magazine, Volume 9, Number 7 (February 2007)

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The Battle of Blair’s Landing…..12

by Curtis Milbourn and Gary Joiner

At Blair’s Landing in April 1864, Confederate major general Richard Taylor encountered his best opportunity to inflict a devastating blow to Major General Nathaniel P. Banks’ Union invaders during the Red River Campaign in Louisiana.

Fire and Water…..22

by Nelson D. Lankford

In the wake of the firing on Fort Sumter, federal authorities moved to safeguard the Gosport Navy Yard-the vital ship-building and repair facilities located near Norfolk, Virginia-from the rebels.  The result was the greatest disaster to befall the U.S. Navy before the 20th century.

The Neighbors’ War…..32

by Jennifer L. Weber

For most of the time the Union battled the Confederacy, Northerners were fighting among themselves in a dispute so bitter and contentious that Lincoln himself called it the “fire in the rear.”

“One Hour’s Hard Fighting”…..48

by Jeff Giambrone

For the untested men of the 4th Iowa Cavalry, the brief but fierce fight at Hill’s Plantation, Mississippi, would serve as a memorable introduction to Civil War combat.

What German Americans Fought For…..62

by Walter D. Kamphoefner

An examination, based on evidence gathered from a wide array of immigrant letters, of German Americans during the Civil War.

Wounded Men in Blue…..74

by Stephen A. Goldman, M.D.

From September 1864 through February 1866, hundreds of Union soldiers, convalescing from battle wounds in New York City’s Central Park Hopsital, acceded to the request of Reverend William Oland Bourne, the hospital’s chaplain, to record their thoughts and recollections in his autograph books, which today provide readers with an insightful look into the attitudes of veteran Northern soldiers.

The Most Significant Books of 2006…..86

by Gerald J. Prokopowicz

A Civil War historian compiles his list of the most important titles published on the conflict in 2006.

1.      Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power by Richard J. Carwardine

2.      The Civil War Letters of Joseph Hopkins Twichell: A Chaplain’s Story edited by Peter Messent and Steve Courtney

3.      Commanding the Army of the Potomac by Stephen R. Taaffe

4.      Confederate Emancipation: Southern Plans to Free and Arm Slaves During the Civil War by Bruce Levine

5.      Upon the Altar of the Nation: A Moral History of the Civil War by Harry S. Stout





by Albert A. Nofi

A Civil War Digest.

Do You Know?…..11

Civil War Trivia.

Civil War Round Tables…..30

A listing of Civil War Round Tables.

Civil War in the Headlines…..46

Civil War News Today.

N&S Poll: Was There a Right of Secession?…..46

Spotlight: The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar…..82

Cover War Society…..84

Upcoming Civil War Society events.

Cover Story…..89 (sic, Note: On page 91)

The cover of this month’s North and South is by John Paul Strain and is titled “Stonewall’s Return”.

Parting Shot…..96

Dan Weinberg of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc.


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