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North & South Magazine, Volume 1, Number 7 (1998)
North & South Magazine, Volume 1, Number 7 (1998)

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by Keith Poulter

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Letters to the Editor

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Al Nofi’s Knapsack
by Al Nofi

Page 12
Without Mercy, And Without The Blessings Of God
by Daniel E. Sutherland

Sutherland discusses guerilla warfare in the South, including the possibility of the Confederacy conducting a successful large scale guerilla war.

Page 22
“A Grim Warning To Others Of Their Kind…
by James M. Prichard

Captain Herbert King and his band of partisan cavalry found themselves trapped behind the Confederate advance in Kentucky in October 1862. He and his men were captured during the Perryville Campaign and the entire group was hanged at Cumberland Ford on the Cumberland River.

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Do You Know?

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The Battle of Bisland
by Lawrence Lee Hewitt and R. Christopher Goodwin

The Battle of Bisland, fought on April 13, 1863, was a part of Nathaniel Banks’ campaign up the Bayou Teche. His opponent was Richard Taylor and forces from his District of Western Louisiana.

Page 46
“Let Me Edge In To Your Bright Fire”
by James Marten

Civil War soldiers often thought of their families while they were off fighting the war. Marten discusses the letters of soldiers who longed to be with their families, and the events that they missed, such as birthdays and Christmas.

Page 57
Devil’s Den: Death of a Sharpshooter
by James C. Groves

Was the famous image of a dead Confederate sharpshooter in Devil’s Den a fake? This was the commonly held view until recently. Groves now believes that this photo is indeed genuine, and that the photographers moved the body AFTER taking that picture.

Page 70
The Government Gives, And The Captain Takes Away
by Dennis J. Pringle

Pringle discusses the pay rates of the Union Navy. He also goes into the common forms of discipline used in the seagoing service.

Page 82
The Adventures Of Private John Holman
by Thomas P. Lowry, M.D.

John Holman of the 2nd California was fined $40 and sentenced to hard labor for four months after repeatedly going on alcoholic benders and disappearing for days at a time.

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