Number 5 (1998)

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North & South Magazine, Volume 1, Number 5 (1998)
North & South Magazine, Volume 1, Number 5 (1998)

96 Pages

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by Keith Poulter

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Letters to the Editor

Page 10
Al Nofi’s Knapsack
by Al Nofi

Page 13
Do You Know?

Page 16
The Myth Of The Rifle Revolution In The Civil War
by Paddy Griffith

The author argues that the excessively wooded and hilly terrain of North America and the nature of Civil War armies caused battles to fought in the way they were.

Page 22
No Myth! The Rifle Revolution
by Grady McWhiney and Perry Jamieson

A rebuttal of Paddy Griffith’s beliefs is here presented. McWhiney and Jamieson believe that the rifled musket was the driving force behind tactical innovations during the Civil War.

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Book Reviews

Page 32
Glory To God! We Are Saved!
by Peter Tomasak

Late in the day on July 2, 1863, the Confederate division of Jubal Early assaulted East Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg. Opposing his troops on the Union side were XI Corps units under Oliver Otis Howard, and to a lesser extent, men from Winfield Scott Hancock’s II Corps.

Page 46
Parole Of Honor
by Mel Young

The prisoner parole system in the Civil War was unique. Author Mel Young describes the ways in which captured POWs were exchanged, including groups of privates for officers. The system in some cases depended on the honor of those involved not to take arms against the opposing side until they were properly exchanged.

Page 48
“A Most Miserable Hole”
by Karen Gerhardt

Camp Ford, a prisoner of war camp in East Texas, is profiled. The Camp had originated as a training camp in 1862, but soon became the largest Confederate POW camp in the Trans-Mississippi Department.

Page 56
Gouverneur Kemble Warren And Little Phil
by Stephen Sears

Stephen Sears discusses the relationship between V Corps commander Gouverneur Warren and Army of the Shenandoah / Cavalry Corps commander Phil Sheridan. At Five Forks, on April 1, 1865, Sheridan relieved Warren of command at the conclusion of a successful battle that all but assured the fall of Petersburg, Virginia. The author contends that Sheridan was wrong to relieve Warren, calling the result a “grave injustice”.

Page 74
Decision In The West, Part IV: The Siege
by Al W. Goodman, Jr. (The Battle of Big Black River)
by Noah Andre Trudeau (Vicksburg: The Climax)

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Cover Story

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