Civil War Book Acquisitions: December 2012, Part 3

Editor’s Note: Civil War Book Acquisitions is an ongoing series which allows me to highlight new books I’ve recently acquired and give readers an idea of upcoming Civil War books.

Confederate Currency
by Pierre Fricke


64 pages, full color, trade paperback $9.99

Shire Books

Publication Date: 2012

TOCWOC’s Take: I received this interesting little book recently.  Though short at 64 pages, it does contain a lot of illustrations of Confederate money.  Fricke has been collecting Confederate money since 1969 and this is not his first book on the subject.  If you are into the currency of the late Confederate States, this looks like a good primer.


American Military Equippage 1851-1872, Volume II: State Forces
by Frederick P. Todd et al


730 pages, illustrations, plates, cloth, out of print

Chatham Square Press, Inc.

Publication Date: 1983

TOCWOC’s Take: I first learned of this massive, expensive, and hard to find out of print hardcover last week during an interview with the order of battle designers for Scourge of War: Chancellorsville.  Jim Weaver mentioned that there are a lot of references to the weapons specific regiments carried at various points during the Civil War.  This appears to be a very useful reference work for wargamers.  I’m sure I’ll have more on this one after I’ve had a chance to explore.


A Captain’s War: The Letters and Diaries of William H. S. Burgwyn 1861-1865
Edited by Herbert M. Schiller


186 pages, cloth, out of print

White Mane Publishing Company

Publication Date: 1994

TOCWOC’s Take: Burgwyn, a member of the 35th North Carolina, was present during the Bermuda Hundred Campaign and at Fort Harrison during Grant’s Fifth Offensive against Petersburg. I picked this one up as a reference work for my Siege of Petersburg site. I briefly scanned through this one and Burgwyn managed to just get back to the front on September 29, 1864. It looks like he has a pretty god description of the Secnd Battle of Fort Harrison, fought on September 30, 1864. Lee gathered as many men from First Corps as he could spare in an all-out attempt to retake Fort Harrison, an attempt which failed.


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