Why Does Brett Review Older Books?

I often get asked this question via email or in comments, either on the blog or in some of the message boards where I also post reviews. I’ve decided it is easier to simply create a private page here at TOCWOC describing my reasoning. As a result, all of my book reviews will be accompanied by the following link: Why Does Brett Review Older Books?

As my collection continues to grow far more quickly than I can read the books, I’m sure this question will continue to be asked.

On a semi-related note concerning blog maintenance, I was unable to fully import my old American Civil War Gaming & Reading blog over to TOCWOC back in September. I will continue to manually add posts from the last six months of that blog to this one on the original posting dates. Anyone looking for some of these old posts that have since disappeared from the web should be able to find them again shortly.

Lastly, my first post with real substance should be appearing in the later portion of this week. As I stated earlier, it will be a short review of Eric Wittenberg’s book Little Phil.

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