Review: The New Civil War Handbook

TheNewCivilWarHandbookMarkHughesSavasBeatieHughes, Mark. The New Civil War Handbook: Facts and Photos for Readers of All Ages. Savas Beatie LLC (June 2009, 2008). 144 pages, illustrations, tables, index. ISBN: 978-1932714623 $14.95 (Paperback).

How do I introduce my children to the Civil War?  It’s a question I’ve heard asked by others and now that I have a child of my own, one I’ve been asking myself.  One great answer to that question is Mark Hughes’ new offering from Savas Beatie, The New Civil War Handbook: Facts and Photos for Readers of All Ages.  Hughes’ book, inspired by his own reading of the original The Civil War Handbook in the 1960s, offers readers quotes, facts, figures, images, and much more on the Civil War.

Hughes’ book is broken down into four major sections, Facts, Images, Figures, and Miscellany.  The Facts section offers quotes from Civil War participants, various names for the war, organization of the two armies, and other interesting tidbits.  The second section, Images, contains people and places made famous by the war.  In the third section, Figures, assorted tables list a variety of information from figures about battles to the stark numbers surrounding the causes of death during the war.  The fourth and final section, Miscellany, covers topics as diverse as African-Americans in the war to a nice beginner’s bibliography of the conflict to my favorite topic, Civil War blogs!

Unlike some other Civil War books which appeal to children and young adults, The New Civil War Handbook does not exaggerate about what is already an extraordinary and extraordinarily important event.  Hughes allows the war speak for itself through images, numbers, and quotes.  He has gathered together a wealth of major information on the Civil War in a volume which will not only appeal to children and young adults, but to anyone looking to get into the study of this fascinating period in American history.  Definitely a recommended read for those new to the Civil War.

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I would like to thank Sarah Keeney and Ted Savas at Savas Beatie LLC.

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