McFarland Civil War Book of the Week: Union Casualties at Gettysburg: A Comprehensive Record

Union Casualties at Gettysburg: A Comprehensive Record (3 vols.)

Authors: Travis W. Busey & John W. Busey

Union Casualties at Gettysburg: A Comprehensive Record by John W. Busey and Travis W. BuseyTOCWOC’s Take:
John W. Busey is no stranger to Gettysburg, having previously produced These Honored Dead: The Union Casualties at Gettysburg on his own and the famous (and often updated) Regimental Strengths and Losses at Gettysburg with David G. Martin.  This time around, Busey teams with Travis W. Busey in an updated version of his earlier work on Union casualties at this most famous of Civil War battles.  As the title suggests, the Buseys list every single Union casualty at the Battle of Gettysburg by company and regiment or by generals and staffs of parent units.  Libraries will probably be the main buyer here, and while this large three volume paperback set is not for everyone, TOCWOC readers whose main interest lies in researching all aspects of the Battle of Gettysburg may want to spend the money required to own this reference work.

Book Info from McFarland Web Site:

About the Book

This reference work chronicles and categorizes more than 23,000 Union casualties at Gettysburg by generals and staff and by state and unit. Thirteen appendices also cover information by brigade, division and corps; by engagements and skirmishes; by state; by burial at three cemeteries; and by hospitals. Casualty transports, incarceration records and civilian casualty lists are also included.

About the Author

Travis W. Busey operates an art business specializing in vintage photos and pencil portraits. He lives in Centreville, Virginia. John W. Busey has written extensively about Gettysburg. He lives in Centreville, Virginia.

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ISBN: 978-0-7864-4800-5

Publisher: McFarland & Company (

Release Date: February 14, 2011

Price: $125.00

Order Line: 800-253-2187

Other Info: appendices, bibliography, index 1616pp. softcover (7 x 10 in 3 vols.) 2011


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