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  • The Battle of Farmington, Mississippi – Conclusion

    Conclusion and Assessment Van Dorn’s force had failed to cut off the Federal escape route as expected. In fact they failed to show up on the field at all. Bragg and Beauregard, although pleased with their success, lamented that the Union loss had not been more complete. When questioned Van Dorn excused his absence from […]

  • The Battle of Farmington, Mississippi – Part 4

    Charge of the 2nd Iowa Cavalry As the situation at the creek developed a frantic call for troops to assist the two hard pressed brigades went out. About 1000 a harried aide approached LTC Edward Hatch of the 2nd Iowa Cavalry with an order to rush “with all possible speed” to the front. Within minutes […]

  • The Battle of Farmington, Mississippi – Part 3

    Beauregard Attacks Near Farmington Colonel John Loomis (subbing in brigade command for the ill Plummer) was equally oblivious to the danger as he deployed his troops. He kept four companies of the 8th Wisconsin in town to act as an advanced guard and the remainder of the brigade in a line near the creek and […]

  • The Battle of Farmington, Mississippi – Part 2

    An Opportunity Arises Beauregard would not have long to wait to find the answers to these questions. An impatient John Pope, fresh from his victories on the Mississippi, soon became disenchanted with the sluggish pace of the advance. Pope summarized his thoughts;  “…from the very feeble resistance offered to our advance on any of the […]

  • The Battle of Farmington, Mississippi – Part 1

    Introduction Little has been written about the post-Shiloh Union advance on Corinth, Mississippi until now. With the release of Timothy B. Smith’s new volume on this campaign; Corinth 1862: Siege, Battle, Occupation that has changed. Once thought to be an overly cautious, glacially paced period of inaction this period has been brought to life. Included in […]