Category: Franklin’s Crossing (Campaign Series)

  • Franklin’s Crossing Conclusion

    June 6-9 The Federal VI Corps troops were firmly established on the south bank of the Rappahannock by nightfall on the 5th. The assault troops were reinforced by BG Albion Howe’s 2nd Division 3rd Brigade*. On the morning of the 6th the Vermonters pushed out a strong skirmish line to meet a refreshed effort by […]

  • Franklin’s Crossing Part 2

    Engineers Lead the Way On arrival at the river the engineers found themselves alone. A glance across the Rappahannock revealed “a small fort” that was “strongly garrisoned by the Rebels.” Seeing just a small opposing force the Confederate pickets made sport of calling the over to invite the engineers to come over to enjoy the […]

  • Franklin’s Crossing Part 1

    Introduction The end of May 1863 found the opposing armies in northern Virginia separated by the Rappahannock River. North of the river MG Joseph Hooker and the Army of the Potomac were collecting themselves after their defeat at Chancellorsville. They spent the last days of spring reorganizing, resupplying, and reinforcing in preparation for future movements. […]