Category: Wilmington and Fort Fisher (Campaign Series)

  • Wilmington Conclusion

    The Final Battles The evacuation of Fort Anderson left the Confederate defense across the river at Sugar Loaf in a difficult position. If the federal forces on the west bank pushed into Wilmington before they could retreat then they would become isolated. They had no choice but to withdraw into the final defenses in front […]

  • Wilmington Part 11

    February 11 – 15 A first glance Schofield’s proposal seemed an ill considered repeat of operations that had already been conducted against the strongest portion of the Confederate defense. Terry’s previous reconnaissance had revealed nothing but a sturdy line of earthworks manned by veteran troops. There appeared little hope for a successful attack and plenty […]

  • Wilmington Part 10

    The Campaign Continues After the fall of Fort Fisher there was no need to hold any of the remaining exterior works on the peninsula. They were isolated and far too small to make a successful defense against the combined might of the Federal army and navy. The Confederate defense was consolidated at Sugar Loaf on […]

  • Wilmington Part 9

    Fort Fisher Falls With key leaders down on both sides the fight for the fort continued on with “desperate valor.” The Confederate charge had failed but the remaining traverses on the land face remained to be taken. The Federal advance was stalled by the thick carpet of dead and wounded that lay on their narrow […]

  • Wilmington Part 8

    The Army Attack Begins Inside the fort Whiting* and Lamb were jubilant at the repulse of the naval assault but were well aware that the job of defending the fort was not finished. Their attention was called to the western end of the fort where the next Federal assault was already gaining steam. Whiting had […]

  • Wilmington Part 7

    Decision Time With a “foothold on the peninsula” secured Terry and Porter began to weigh their options. Curtis’ brigade was pushed south toward Fort fisher. On the way they captured a small steamer filled with provisions, forage and ammunition for the fort. They gained possession of a “small unfinished outwork” at the western end of […]

  • Wilmington Part 6

    A New Attempt Having rid himself of Butler, Grant was eager to start another attempt at Fort Fisher and Wilmington. He found a willing partner in Porter. The first decision to be made was who would command the Army forces during the new effort. Porter was eyeballing Sherman to head up the second attempt. It […]