Category: Morton’s Ford (Campaign Series)

  • The Affair at Morton’s Ford Conclusion

    Butler’s Raid BG Isaac Wistar was ordered to advance to Bottom’s Bridge by 0300 on the 7th. Although he was given command of 6200 troops (4,000 infantry and 2.200 cavalry) he elected to begin his movement cautiously. An advanced “picked company”, under the command of CPT Hill, 1st New York Mounted Rifles, was assigned to […]

  • The Affair at Morton’s Ford Part 2

    Raccoon Ford MG Newton’s I Corps troops were assigned to execute the demonstration at Raccoon Ford. The lead elements marched early on February 6th and arrived at the river later that day. A 300 man detail was sent to the ford and to raise attention to their presence burned several buildings. There was no response […]

  • The Affair at Morton’s Ford Part 1

    Introduction In the introduction of the opening volume of his fabulous set of works on the Overland Campaign, Gordon Rhea mentions the fight at Morton’s Ford. The brief description of the fight there sparked my curiosity and I thought it would be interesting to look into it further. This short post will describe the action […]