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  • It’s Amazing What You Find When You Google Yourself

    From time to time I’ll Google my full name (first and last) to see what sort of interesting items turn up. Imagine my surprise when I learned I had been mentioned in a published book HERE. Will Kaufman’s The Civil War in American Culture mentions me in reference to my work as a Civil War […]

  • Why Does Brett Review Older Books?

    I often get asked this question via email or in comments, either on the blog or in some of the message boards where I also post reviews. I’ve decided it is easier to simply create a private page here at TOCWOC describing my reasoning. As a result, all of my book reviews will be accompanied […]

  • Cautiously Back

    As I’m sure most people reading this blog figured out, the posts started fast and furious and then died down almost as quickly as it began. I hope to continue posting here on a greatly reduced basis. I take full responsibility and blame for letting the posts falter and then stop. A blog always needs […]