• How to Use TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog

    I have been running a Civil War blog in one form (American Civil War Gaming & Reading) or another (TOCWOC) since late 2005 with several hiatuses.  Due to this, I sometimes fall into the bad habit of assuming readers know exactly how TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog can be used to read articles of […]

  • Why Does Brett Review Older Books?

    I often get asked this question via email or in comments, either on the blog or in some of the message boards where I also post reviews. I’ve decided it is easier to simply create a private page here at TOCWOC describing my reasoning. As a result, all of my book reviews will be accompanied […]

  • Cautiously Back

    As I’m sure most people reading this blog figured out, the posts started fast and furious and then died down almost as quickly as it began. I hope to continue posting here on a greatly reduced basis. I take full responsibility and blame for letting the posts falter and then stop. A blog always needs […]