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  • A House Divided – A New Civil War Blog

    Linda Wheeler of the Washington Post has added a new Civil War blog, A House Divided, to the ever-growing Civil War blogosphere.  The introductory post has the following interesting information: Civil War columnist Linda Wheeler brings her successful “A House Divided” writings to washingtonpost.com after a 10-year run as a column in the newspaper. Sometimes […]

  • A. Lincoln Blog Returns!

    I was disappointed when Brian Dirck shut down his excellent and self-explanatory A. Lincoln Blog.  Well, good news everyone!  Brian is back and promising to post but at a reduced but steady rate, much like I did earlier this year.  I never removed Brian’s blog from my Civil War blogroll, so feel free to continue […]

  • Odds & Ends: May 17, 2008

    Everyone reading this knows TOCWOC is a Civil War blog. Odds & Ends does focus on the Civil War, but it does so by looking at blogs and web sites whose main focus often isn’t the Civil War or even history. This particular Odds & Ends has a bit of a wargaming bent this time […]

  • Why Does Brett Review Older Books?

    I often get asked this question via email or in comments, either on the blog or in some of the message boards where I also post reviews. I’ve decided it is easier to simply create a private page here at TOCWOC describing my reasoning. As a result, all of my book reviews will be accompanied […]

  • Cautiously Back

    As I’m sure most people reading this blog figured out, the posts started fast and furious and then died down almost as quickly as it began. I hope to continue posting here on a greatly reduced basis. I take full responsibility and blame for letting the posts falter and then stop. A blog always needs […]

  • URL Change for Brian Downey’s AotW

    Brian Downey’s behind AotW (which stand for Antietam on the Web) has changed URLs. The new address is http://behind.aotw.org/. Change your bookmarks accordingly.

  • One Year Anniversary

    Today marks one full year of blogging for myself, Fred Ray, Johnny Whitewater, and several other guest bloggers. I wanted to take a brief moment to thank the Civil War and wargaming enthusiasts who make up the vast majority of the readers of this blog. It’s been a lot of fun, and I hope you’ve […]