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This page will serve as the home for all Civil War wargames we know about. If you are a fan, designer, or publisher of a Civil War game not located here, please contact the authors of TOCWOC to have your information added here.

In addition, the page will serve as a host to periodic wargaming contests held here at TOCWOC. We hope to offer free games and other goodies to the winners. Our first contest will be held in late March 2008. Check back often for details.

Latest Contest

March 24, 2008: After Action Reports Contest

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General Contest Information

From time to time TOCWOC has contests soliciting entries from our wargaming readers. Typical wargaming contests will ask for the best After Action Reports, Strategy Guides, Modding Articles, and more from many of the latest Civil War games (PC, boardgames, and miniatures). Winners (to be determined either by Brett S. alone or by a panel of judges) will receive various prizes, ranging from a free game to inclusion as a permanent new author at TOCWOC. Suggestions for prizes are always welcome. All contest entries received by TOCWOC are considered the property of the blog, may or may not appear as a future TOCWOC blog entry, and may be freely edited by TOCWOC’s authors.

This page will serve as a repository for any and all wargaming contests held at TOCWOC. Check back in to see what’s new and consider submitting an entry!

Check the publisher information pages below for a list of the games for which we will allow entries:


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