Norb Software Development

Norb Software Development (NSD for short) does not yet have a Civil War game according to their web site, but Norb Timpko the programmer also worked at Mad Minute Games, who had two Civil War titles published. I suspect a Civil War game is probably in the works, but when that is going to happen or what the title might be is pure speculation at this point. In the interim, I encourage wargamers to visit the NSD forums and give some feedback on what they’d like to see in future games. Norb has already stated he will be using a second-generation of his “War3D” gaming engine to power any games released by NSD. The screen shots below gives you an example of what to expect graphics-wise from the “War3dII’ game engine.

terrainprototype2.jpg terrainprototype1.jpg intothewoods_1.jpg


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