Johnny Reb III

johnreb.jpgJohnny Reb III is the most popular set of regimental rules for Civil War miniatures on the market today. More than any other person, Scott Mingus works to keep this format alive and well. He runs the Johnny Reb Gaming Society, publishes the Charge! miniatures newsletter on a quarterly basis, and also blogs about the Civil War. The Johnny Reb III rule book and some scenario books can be purchased at  Scott’s scenario booklets on Gettysburg (Enduring Valor, Volumes 1 & 2) and Antietam (Undying Courage) are also available at that site.  Miniatures are quite the investment in time and money, but creating a good battlefield for play brings the same satisfaction to a model railroader would feel after creating an especially good looking model railroad layout.  Miniatures are a unique and ultimately fascinating way to wargame the Civil War.


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