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March 24, 2008: After Action Reports Contest

Note: A Winner Has Been Announced and This Contest Is Now Closed!!!!

After obtaining an extra copy of HPS Simulations’ Campaign Chickamauga, TOCWOC has decided to hold a wargaming contest. Civil War wargamers are encouraged to submit After Action Reports from their favorite Civil War game. We encourage gamers to send in AARs from a wide variety of game types, including but not limited to computer games, board games, and miniatures. To see which games we would most prefer, refer to the Wargaming Contests page linked to in upper left hand corner of this page.

Contest Rules: Wargamers should post a comment at the bottom of this page, making sure to include your email address in the comments form, to indicate their interest in joining the contest. Once this has been completed, an email will be sent with details concerning the format of the AAR, how to send photos, and other items as needed. Once you receive this email, feel free to continue to submit as many entries as you desire by the April 30, 2008 deadline. Contest participants submitting entries agree to allow said entries to be posted on TOCWOC at a future date with editing if necessary. One (1) winner will be selected from all submissions and will be announced on Monday, May 5, 2008.

Prizes: A free copy of HPS’ Campaign Chickamauga will be mailed to the winner of the After Action Reports contest. In addition, the winner and other entrants may be asked to participate as TOCWOC bloggers in the future.

Contest Submission Window: March 24, 2008 through 11:59 PM CT on April 30, 2008

Final Winner Announcement: Monday, May 5, 2008

Contest Winner: Pat Hirtle for his Board of Inquiry AAR using Johnny Reb II! The official announcement is up on TOCWOC’s main page.


18 responses to “March 24, 2008: After Action Reports Contest”

  1. GROGnads Avatar

    Ok, I’m in like some guy that’s “in”!

  2. Daniel Sheppard Avatar
    Daniel Sheppard

    I am interested in joining the contest

  3. admin Avatar

    Thanks guys, details have been sent! For anyone else reading this, do not be afraid to join. I’d like to have every type of Civil War gaming well represented here. Many of your entries will appear in the future as blog entries on TOCWOC as well. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!


  4. Ampen Avatar

    I’d like to join the contest.

  5. CyberRanger Avatar

    Sounds like fun! Sign me up!

  6. WWhitman Avatar

    Hey Brett,
    Nice idea and thanks for the offer! I may be interested, so please send me the details.

  7. S. D. Tortorice Avatar

    Would you mind if I post your contest annoucement to Gamesquad’s news section?

  8. Brett S. Avatar

    S. D.,

    I wouldn’t mind at all. Go ahead and thanks!


  9. gittes Avatar

    I’m in.

  10. Pat Hirtle Avatar
    Pat Hirtle

    I’d like to participate.

  11. The Ox-Matt Avatar
    The Ox-Matt

    I’m in, hope its not too late!

  12. Robert Weir Avatar
    Robert Weir

    I’d like to participate also

  13. Charles Lewis Avatar
    Charles Lewis

    Having just finished an AAR for Forge of Freedom, my AAR muscles are warmed up. I’d like to participate!

  14. Pat Avatar

    I’m in the middle of an AACW campaign right now, and I can submit what I have, although the campaign is far from over

  15. Charles Lewis Avatar
    Charles Lewis

    Whew! Made it in time! It’s been a busy week turning my game notes into something coherent. Hope you all like it. 🙂

  16. admin Avatar


    I should have a winner announced by later tonight. If you’ve been watching this page today waiting for an announcement, I apologize!


  17. […] HIRTLE! You can check out the details at the contest’s dedicated page here at TOCWOC. Pat’s winning entry was created using the Johnny Reb II miniature wargames rules. […]

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