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by Brett Schulte on May 11, 2009 · 36 comments

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I recently ran across a long list of what caused the Civil War by James King, a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp Commander.  I’ve often started to do my own top 10 causes of the Civil War, but I stop each time because it is such a volatile subject and typically leads to people arguing past each other.  Instead, I’ve taken the top 10 causes of the Civil War according to Mr. King and I have made a TOCWOC Reader Poll out of it here.  So, TOCWOC readers, what do you think are the most relevant causes of the Civil War? I have allowed you to pick up to 3 choices, but you only have to choose one for your vote to be counted.  These potential causes are listed in alphabetical order in case anyone wants to accuse me of any bias one way or the other. I am curious to see what everyone thinks about this always controversial and seemingly never ending topic before giving my own opinion.

Update: As of Sunday evening, 7 of 18 people who have responded to this poll have indicated slavery was NOT one of the Top 3 causes of the Civil War.  I am somewhat surprised, especially given the 10 poll choices were from an SCV member and slavery is listed as a cause.

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